Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Vacation is soooo close...I can taste it! stay-cation is almost here...and if I get to stare out my window at something like this while I drink the amazing tea my friend Taylor got me in Paris, while I hug the dog, empty out my DVR, and do writing...I'll be a happy camper!

For honestly, that's ALL that's on my "to do list" for my stay-cation. I will write, submit my manuscript to the publisher before end of year, clear out at least 50% of my DVR, play with the dog (as he'll be cone free by the 31st!), and enjoy sleeping in snuggled up with my new, fuzzy comforter.

I know, it's a really long and difficult list, right? LOL!

Today is my last day at the office until I return on January 5th! Woooooooooooooooo! Soon I'll whisk on home (in the glorious rain of Christmas in NYC) and make some tea (cause I got TONS of great tea for Xmas already...some from Paris and some from Teavana!), put on PJ's, and snuggle up to know, that thing I never usually do on a vacation.

You see, 98% of all my vacations that I've taken since becoming a writer include going to conventions. So...I take 5 days off...2 of them are for travel/loading in my stuff/building booth/etc, and the others are spent hocking my wares on my feet for MANY hours at a time and sleeping very little. Do I enjoy it? I do, most of the time, but it's not a real vacation...even though I take vacation days for it. My boss has been urging me to take a stay-cation here and there (like, take off Friday and Monday and just get some rest) and now I am.

Many might say, "Isn't that what your weekend is for?"

Ummm...have you met me? Better yet, have you met many New Yorkers? We spend weekends running around town like idiots. We go work out at the gym, we do our laundry, we clean the apartment, we do the grocery shopping, we stop by a friend's Bday party or maaaaybe we go out to dinner with friends, but's just the necessary shit. Why? Because we don't wanna do it during the week because we work long hours and once we get home, we don't head back out again. Not to mention, we likely go to the gym 2-3 times after work. So our weekends consist of getting a bunch of stuff done. I make sure to sleep in on Sundays, as it's my ONLY day to do that and I make it happen unless I need to be filming or at an event of some kind that cannot happen at another time, and take the dog to the dog run (when he's not in a cone of shame). Hence...why I'm so excited about this stay-cation!

Plus, hey! It's Kadin's first Christmas...AND...for the first time since I met my best friend, I get to spend New Years Eve with her. YAY!

So...I hope you all have a lovely 11 days w/o me (ok, maybe I'll find time to post on here...maybe) and I'll catch you all on the flip side! 2015...bring it on! I say this is the year I get an agent and a book deal! SO.....let's make that happen, shall we, universe?  :)

Have a great holiday, folks!


Tamsin :)

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