Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend (for crazy people)

I think I've officially stepped into "crazy" territory.

Just to recap...I'm currently looking for roommates, directing a show that goes up in less than 2 weeks, and running a two day photo-shoot with 30 actors for my novels ALSO in less than 2 weeks.

I wake up each morning and remember something I forgot to do.

No WONDER I'm not sleeping late. My brain is too busy! Hence, I was awake every morning on this past weekend BEFORE my alarm...and easily by 8am. Ugh. I'm usually a "till 10am" kinda gal so to give up 2 hours every weekend day, especially on an extended weekend, makes me sad and frustrated.

That said...I DID get a lot done this weekend.

Before we continue let's clarify things.

When I say SHOW I mean the musical I'm directing for the West Village Musical Theatre Festival (My show is in Series B). Here's a link to it: WVMTF Tickets and show info.

When I say SHOOT I mean the photo-shoot on June 11 & 12 for Living Dead Girl, Cameron Chronicles, Moon Over Manhattan and FLORA.

Now, the picture at the top of this post is from my friday night with my besty (she's also my SM for the shoot). She made us some non-alcoholic pina-colada's with grenadine...and yes, whip cream on top...AWESOME...and created cards for each character. We then taped them up on the wall in groups so as to create a story board shot list for the SHOOT. See:

Sorry the pic is a bit blurry, but you get the idea.

I got home from this event by 12:30am and to bed by 1am.

On Saturday I had rehearsal for the SHOW and then met with actors for the SHOOT. I then had to shop for summer clothes as it's been in the mid to high 80's and I have 2 pair of shorts that still fit (as I've lost some weight). All I'll say is Memorial Day Sales and Holiday Shopping Crowds. When I got home I collapsed and was good for nothing by my TV.

On Sunday I showed the room to a few people for renting, headed to meet with my web designer and we ended up seeing two movies. Highly recommend both; Bridesmaids and THOR. I know...a strange mix of what to see...but it was fun and my ONLY free time I had all weekend. Many thanks to Natalie for dragging me out to do movie day or I'd have worked non-stop that day.

Monday...ah...the holiday. Everyone in my neighborhood was either cooking out or going to the pool or beach. Me? Oh, I was seeing how much I could carry in a bag to rehearsal for the SHOW. Costumes, music player, etc. THEN, after rehearsal, I went prop shopping at Halloween Adventure. To say the employees outnumbered the customers wouldn't suprise you, I'm sure. But...I got my witches cauldron and crazy stuff for her to put in it during her song in the show.

Got home to find my dog had a horrible siezure and spent a while cleaning up my kitchen juuuust before a cast member of the SHOOT got to my place. I was to dye his hair red...

You may remember him from when we turned him from blond brown to black haired Goth rocker, Zane. If not...go here: OCTOBER BLOG from 10/25/10. Just scroll on down to about the middle of the entry.

It turned out really great! I love how versatile Robbie is for shooting. A Casting Director's dream, really. I'm happy he'll be playing Tyler for both LDG and Moon Over Manhattan.

So, that was my weekend. I'd have loved to have been at the beach, but seeing as my life is a wee bit crazy at the moment...NO GO. But, I hope YOU got some sun for me!

Next weekend? Headshot pics of me (ugh) for the book and publisher website as well as my website, rehearsal, show apartment (still have one roommate to find), meet with one more for the photo-shoot and we move into the theatre on Sunday.

Counting down to my vacation!!!! June 17-27. Seventeen days left until I fly to LA!!! Thank you God!


Tamsin :)

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