Monday, May 9, 2011

More Casting Updates!

We are almost fully cast for the photo shoot for Living Dead Girl! Weeee!

Thought I'd let you see some of our latest castings...

The role of Javin Keziah to be played by Chris Beier:

The roles of Phoenix and Harmon Keziah to be played by Peter Gosik:

The role of Keeb to be played by Ben Broad:

The role of Keeb's sister, Kade, to be played by Rachel Ghilardi:

The role of Kat to be played by Mysteena Akilah Saunders:

All we have left to secure are Alastair and Maria and we're done. Whew!

Have a great week all...and stay tuned for the last two!

Tamsin :)

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