Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Re-casting: Who and why it has to be done.

I know...THREE blog entries in a day! Hey now, I was silent for ages shouldn't be suprised! :)

Anyhoo...we've re-cast another role and with this re-casting I not only want to announce our lovely lady, but I want to talk about WHY I'm re-casting.

We'll start with the "why".

I'm having to recast the role of Shannon because the girl who I had set to play her found out she was going to Paris for a family member's wedding that weekend. I can't fault her for that...especially when the family buys her the ticket as a gift. So I hope Izzy had a GREAT time in Paris! We'll miss having you in the cast!

But, the the role I still have yet to fill, Sinopa, and the three roles I have recast (Justin, Riley & Flora) the reason is different than going off to Paris. It's called unprofessionalism. It's not hard to answer an email. When a casting director sends you an email asking you for confirmation of things or to come to a meeting and you either A) Don't respond. B) Don't show C) Both it is very unprofessinal and the casting director cannot trust you to show up for the gig. Why should they? You can't even answer an email.

This happened again when I recast the role of Shannon with another girl so I am again looking for someone to play Shannon. *sigh*

How do young actors and models expect to get work if they can't respond in a timely manner to a simple email? Hell, to multiple emails? I you are an actor/actress and you do not have a smart phone with your should have one. But even so...I gave these people weeks to get back to me and nothing.

It comes to trust. Show a casting director they can trust you'll be there by answering emails and phone calls. I have one actress who's not been able to make any meetings due to being in a show and one due to living in CT. But ya know what, they got back to me to let me know what was going on. I trust them to still have their head in the project and show up on their day.

I hate sending emails that let someone know they're being removed from the project but...what else am I supposed to do when they don't respond to me? I can't assume they'll show up on the day of the project, that's for sure. I need to know they will, not hope.

Anyhoo...that said...the casting announcement for the day is...

The role of Riley is now to be played by Allyson Morgan!

Welcome aboard, Allyson! We're happy to have you join the cast!

Have a great week, all!

Tamsin :)

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