Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life is CRAZY! many of you know, I have a day job. I also write...A LOT. I also am an experienced director/designer/TD/SM/artistic director...and I'm currently directing a short one-act musical inside a musical festival called The West Village Musical Theatre Festival (to be known as WVMTF from here on out). We had our first rehearsal last night and I blocked 90% of the dialogue. SWEET! I'll do the rest on Sunday and then on Tuesday they meet with their Musical Director to learn their songs and then I'll block those and we're on our way.

Along with all that of course is the book...and the photo-shoot. I'm attempting to meet with ALL cast members between Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. And even with rehearsals...I've planned it well enough to make it all fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Oiy. I'll even get to work out tomorrow night and Saturday morning as usual. How I got this to work...hell...who knows? God is the only answer I can come up with. Ain't me! add to the craziness that is my roommate Phil has decided to move in with his girlfriend in the middle of June. *sigh* Okay, I thought. Fine. I'll fill the room...AGAIN. But today my other roommate...who's lived with me for like, 2 years, has decided to take a leave of absence from his job (don't know reason yet, I'll find out when I get home) and he's going to leave as of July.

Well hell.

SO...I'll be hunting for two new roommates WHILE I'm trying to get a book edited for my publisher, working with the art team for said book's cover, thinking of how to market said book, rehearsing and performing previously mentioned play, meeting with HUGE cast of photo-shoot,running said photo-shoot, AND...oh bloody day job!!!!!!


Dear Lord...keep me sane.


P.S. Release date for Living Dead Girl looks to be October! :) (my one happy thought of the day)

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