Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Official...Living Dead Girl to be published! is totally true. As we signed the contract today I can officially announce the news.

Eirelander Publishing (an electronic publisher) has "bought" Living Dead Girl; The Betrayal (the first book of the 5 part series). It will be available on their website, Kindle, Amazon, Nook, and iBooks...from what I've been told by my contact at the publisher.

I know you're about to ask "WHEN?!" I have no bloody clue. By June we should have an official release date chosen. You see, the book goes through three edits by their staff plus we need to work on the cover art and I need to get a photo done of me (yee gads!) for their website and back of book (Vince will do that for me when we do the photo-shoot in June, cause he's great like that).

I will promise you all soon as I know the release too will know it!

Now...for those of you who do not have e-readers. Once the book sells 50 copies electronically, the book will be available on Amazon with "Print On Demand". But, alas, most of my friends now buy their books electronically so...that's the best spot to snag the book, I think.

So...that's the news I've been dying to tell you for over a week and a half while things became "official."

If you're not already a friend on my Tamsin Silver Facebook should be! Many updates are going to go there once things get moving along!

Oh, and before you ask...the rest of the series will be up for consideration by the same publisher as well so have no fear...if you get the first book...they'll be considering the 2nd.....IF this one does well so I'll need all your guys' help to make that happen!

So stay tuned! :) And if you wanna read what the book is about...go to my WEBSITE and click on Living Dead Girl.

A BIG thank you to everyone who is a part of my life who has supported me and continues to support me in this quest. We've taken the first step folks! I'd not be taking this if it weren't for you all. Also, praise God for answered prayer. I honestly believe I only get where I go because of Him.


Tamsin :)

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