Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet our Aiden...

This is Scott Davis. He is a new addition to our cast of characters. You're thinking..."Didn't you say you were fully cast?" I did! dawned on me that not only does Flora show up in Book 5, but so does Aiden. We actually meet him in The Cameron Chronicles and he pops back up when they learn about Flora in Book 5 of the series.

As I've mentioned, I'm looking to write Flora's story during NaNo this year, which Aiden is in. Add that to the fact that Aiden is in LDG5 and BAM, said the lady...I needed to cast him.

So, Scott is playing Aiden. I'm really happy to have him join us! Makes me excited to build his character for the 2011 NaNo!

Welcome to our fun band of fantasy geeks, Scott! We're happy to have you aboard the crazy train! :)


P.S. Tonight my Make-Up GODDESS is meeting up with me to start talking about the shoot specifics. I'm SO jazzed! Night all!

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