Friday, May 13, 2011

MARIA has been cast!

Ya gotta have faith in things sometimes. I do. It's why the tattoos on my arms are there. People ask me all the time what they mean since they're in Japanese. One means Faith and the other is Trust. Two very important things to me.

When I do creative gigs, like this photo-shoot or theatre, I like to rely on both of those often to remind myself...."Have faith that God is in control and trust everything happens for a reason...that it'll all work out the way it should."

So I didn't worry. Which is odd, since it was the last role needed and the character is important to both series; LDG and Moon Over Manhattan.

But...I got an email yesterday from the PERFECT actress for the role. So, without further ado...

The role of Maria Dominguez is to be played by Vania Bezerra:

Take care all...have a GREAT weekend...and know that I'm going to something called Nerd Nite tonight (oh yeah!) in DUMBO (that'd a part of Brooklyn, for those of you not from NYC)...looks to be fun. Come join me if you want!


Tamsin :)

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