Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm directing a know you wanna come see it!

Hi all! As you all know I'm directing a show for the West Village Musical Theatre Festival here in NYC and it goes up NEXT WEEK. **begin panic attack**

Some of you expressed interest in knowing when it goes up is that info! (if not interested you can stop reading now) :)

The festival is 18 short original musicals ranging from classic musicals to rock musical to operettas. Each series holds 6 shows. Each of the 6 shows inside each series is 15 minutes and the whole night of theater per Series is about a 90 minute show with no intermission BUT there is food and alcohol (a HUGE vat of sangria btw) and A/C!!!!

Here's the difference between the different Series:

Series A are "Shorts": 6 musicals written to just be 15 minutes, period.
Series B are "Snapshots": 15 minutes of 6 original FULL its a snapshot of some of that full show. (THIS IS ME!)
Series C are "Workshops": 15 minutes of 6 shows that were developed/written just for this festival.

Each series performs 5 times, once a day, from June 8-12th. Wed - Saturday the shows are at 5pm, 7pm and then at 9pm and on Sunday the 12th they're at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. Each series does NOT have the same time slot each changes. This way all shows get to perform at peak times and off peak times and it makes it easier for more people to work set schedules to come see their friend's work. Yay!


Series B performs:
Wednesday the 8th at 7pm
Thursday the 9th at 5pm
Friday the 10th at 9pm
Saturday the 11th at 5pm
Sunday the 12th at 2pm

I will be attending the performance on the 8th only as I'm only given one comp ticket to see my own series AND because of getting ready for that photo-shoot for Living Dead Girl on the 11th and 12th. If you come out to see my series on the 8th...we'll all get a beer afterwards....and yes, we'll keep it an early night as we all will have work the next day, me included.

The shows are at Thirteenth Street Repertory Theatre located guessed it....13th Street (btwn 5th and 6th Aves)!

You can see the list of shows...the different series...and times...PLUS where to buy tickets (ONLY $18...LESS if you buy in advance I think) at the WVMTF Website Tickets Page.

Oh...and before you wonder where the hell my name is on there....remember....I do all my theatre stuff under my real name. I promise I'm in Series B...It's a Fantasy piece....I know, you're SOOOO shocked....***Hear the sarcasm***

Let me know if you're coming on the 8th!!!! I'd love to see you after the show and have your support!!!!

OH OH OH!...and if you can't come on the 8th DO still go if you can. The audience gets to vote on favorites and I'd love for my cast or my show to win one award in some catagory somewhere if possible.

Thanks so much!!!!!

Tamsin :)

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