Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 3 looks of Jensine...

Photo from Living Dead Girl Photo-Shoot
Character: Jensine Blackensdale
Model: Kara Addington

When you write, some parts of your personality show up in some of the roles you create. At least, that's what happens to me when I write. Mostly its that one characters gets one trait and another character gets another...and so on. But when I started writing the first book of the Living Dead Girl Series I decided to physically base one of the characters on how I looked at the time.

When I first started the book I was in college (so yeah, a while ago...before the internet was a household thing...*cough cough* OIY.) so the character is described as petite, short but curvy, with curly blonde hair to her shoulders. I had a real, true, bottle induced, golden yellow blond head of curls. I also have olive green eyes. So...that's how you meet Jensine.

But, her looks change throughout the story...much like my looks have changed throughout the past ___ years. I was blonde, then I had long red hair and you can see by the pics here on the blog, I have short black hair.

My real hair color? Well hell...I would say a mousey blondish brown. Some would call it a dark blond or Michigan blond. If I'd have grown up in a southern state it'd been more blond than that but alas, due to crazy cloud cover in Michigan my head was usually a light blondish brown.

Anyhoo...I decided it'd be fun to show you the different looks Jensine has throughout the photo-shoot. The first pic, at the top, is her "blond" look at the top of the story. But, like me, it changes...

Her RED look:

Her BLACK look:

Kara Addington, the model for Jensine, did an amazing job and I can't wait for you to see her in the video we filmed of the bo-staff fight she does with David (Character: Alex). Our fight guys, Mark and Trevor, were bloody excellent! The fight is both elegant, intricate and has a bit of humor to go along with the aggression.

Have a great day all....more pics to come as I introduce you to everyone else so stay tuned!

Tamsin :)

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