Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In honor of Marriage Equality in NYC...

Picture from Living Dead Girl Photo-Shoot.
Characters: Grayson Alex Stoltz & Stephan Throneburg
Models: David Mavricos & Thomas Daniels

Most people state that Grayson is their favorite character in the series and that his relationship with Stephan is their favorite pairing in the series as well.

So, in honor of MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN NYC I decided today was the day to leak the pics of everyone's favorite couple.

This is Stephan Throneburg (Model: Thomas Daniels)

This is Grayson Alex Stoltz (Model: David Mavricos)

CONGRATS to everyone in NYC! As a city we are diverse and we've always been ahead of everyone else. This is just more proof that we are embracing that diversity and showing the world our acceptance of anyone, be it their race, sex or sexual preference. I was in LA when I learned the verdict on the vote and I was, and still am, proud to say, "That's my city!" I can't WAIT to attend all those weddings that finally get to be official and legal in the eyes of the state!


Tamsin :)

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