Monday, June 13, 2011

Not a drop fell!

So...before we LAUNCH into TONS of stories and pics from the LDG photo-shoot from this past weekend (that I think my body hates me for...but whatever) I wanted to talk about one tiny thing.


We got hammered with it on Saturday for a bit and lost some picture opportunities. By the end of that day we were so tired and the weather reports were screaming scattered thunderstorms for Sunday and unlike Saturday, where part of the shoot was inside, we would be outside ALL day. Every picture of weather for Sunday showed tons of lightning.

I was beside myself. I had a moment where I just lost hope. I'd worked SO hard to get 2 days of this organized...cast...etc. If we lost shooting on Sunday we lost the role of Alex to a show in Maine until mid August AND Josh, who lives in LA, would obviously be gone. Plus we'd have lost the role of Elizabeth until end of July as she's getting married (Cheers, love!). never know who else will move away by then or be booked. It could've made HUGE issues as some who played roles on Saturday were playing roles on Sunday too (ie: The twins, Amanda and Alicia; Amanda pics were Saturday and Alicia was to be Sunday). Add on that we were loaned clothes from Vampire Freaks that are perfect (and if we don't use them we loose them) was a nightmare.

As many of my friends know, I'm not overtly a religious person, but I'm quite spritual. So during my breakdown on the train (silent tears of exhaustion and stress as I headed home) I prayed about Sunday. And to be honest...I felt a real calm come over me. Like God just said, "Don't you trust me?"

Well, there's no arguing in that. So I trusted and I emailed the cast when I got home and said, "We're still ON" ----with one change...we moved make-up to my apartment (and THAT's a story all on its own I'll share later!) which is 2-3 blocks from the shoot locale that day.

And you know what? I slept w/o fear, w/o stress, and w/o worry...and I woke up to dry, overcast weather (great for even light for pictures) and not a drop of rain fell until just after midnight. Not a single drop fell where we were the entire day of the shoot. They called for thunderstorms...and we got almost perfect lighting. Other people told me that areas of New York City were windy. We didn't get that either in the park up in Inwood.

Miracles like this are great, no?

We got most of the pics I wanted...and the ones we didn't get, had nothing to do with the weather THAT day.

Trust and faith.

I had a great lesson in it this weekend.


More stories to come about the stay tuned!

I get the pics TONIGHT! Woot!


Tamsin :)

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