Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program...

...where we've been talking about LDG, to bring you the most adorable video I've ever seen.


This is worth your time to watch. I have NO idea how long it'll be on the web at this location but it's worth watching the whole thing. :)

My mom actually had the video itself emailed to her and sent it to me (as she knows I have a huge love for Sea Lions and Seals) today. Seems its been out for awhile but in case you've not seen it, like you can.

Also, let me give props to the blog who listed it for me. Her name is Barbara Weibel and she talks about this video on her Feb. 11, 2010 blog post.

I agree with her that if its the animal that initiates the affection/attention then its acceptable to stay and enjoy that interaction.

He just can't seem to stop kissing this lady...flipping his tail up and being playful. He even pulls up next to her, putting his flipper around her like a man would put his arm around a woman when he cuddles with her. It's just priceless.

If you've not seen it...I hope you like it and it makes you smile.

And...if that link doesn't work...I found it HERE too.


Tamsin :)

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