Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To top it all off...

Yesterday was a good day. I got tickets to my new favorite band (see yesterday's post), the girl I'm interested in playing Atlanta for my photo-shoot is interested in it, the guy I'm interested in playing Sean for the photo-shoot is interested as well, but this topped the day all off...

Last night at my aqua aerobics class we had a new member.

After class he was talking with my girl Lisa and I and somehow age came up. No, it wasn't me who brought it up this time than there. :P

Lisa started to giggle and asked David (that was his name we found out later) how old he thought I was. ---by the way, this happens more times than you think---

Now, we must remember that I had no make-up on, my hair was wet and slicked back, I was in a bathing suit (yee gads!) and my black rimmed glasses were shoved onto my face. got the picture.

He guessed...

"Between 23 to 25."

Yes. I told him I was in love with him. What else would you expect from a woman who is *cough* years old?

I did break down and tell him the truth...that I was older than 30.

What? It's not a lie. I'll be over 30 until I die so...there. ;P Meh.

So you see, yesterday was a good day.

I'd like to thank all who made it possible...*gets out folded piece of paper*...first I'd like to thank God for deaming me worthy of a good day after the past few bad weeks I've had. Then there's my bestie Lauren (for finding me these two for the shoot), Conan (for introducing me to my new fave band), and to StubHub for buying a bunch of tickets to shows and selling them at exagerated prices, just for me. Oh and to Keziah who's always there for me.

Tamsin :) xo

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