Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Late to the Party

So, last night I decide to use that nifty snifty TimeWarner Cable thingy where you can select to start a program over to watch it. And, since Jake Gyllenhaal was going to be on CONAN I chose to do just that. (If you have to ask why, you're a straight guy. ;)

As per usual he was adorable, funny, hot, and just at ease chatting with Conan and I was about to turn off the TV when Randy Jackson from American Idol came on (Jebus, you shoulda seen his GOLD shoes!) but he was funny and I was in and out of my room getting ready for bed, so I left it on.

Once he was done the musical guest was going to come on and I'd never heard of them so I was walking into my room to turn off the TV just as Conan says, "Panic! at the Disco!" and the camera pans over to this group (who look like they're from England but they're from Vegas, of all things!Ha!)and they start to sing "The Ballad of Mona Lisa". My mouth drops open and I find I'm frozen standing in front of my TV, jaw slightly ajar. I'm thinking, "Who are these guys? They're amazing! The lead's voice is just phenominal!" ----I'm a sucker for a band who's lead had a voice that makes me fall in love...


I rewind to get their name and write it down. I watch their performance, twice. I boot up my laptop and luckily my iTunes actually behaves (after opening it twice, that is) and I get it to function. I pull up their new album, "Vices and Virtues" and listen to few samples and w/o a second thought I buy the deluxe version of the newest album (comes with more songs, the CD jacket and a video).

I listen to them on my way to work this morning and watch my video four times! If you've not seen "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" Steam Punk Video're missing out! It's awesome! It had me hunt out their website (click on the blog title) and then find when they were going to be in NYC...for they'd announced they were going on tour, starting in Boston.

I hit up TicketMaster to be told that the tickets I want to buy aren't available. Does it say the event is sold out? No. But there are not tickets. I called TM as well...nothing. Not a computer glitch. **sigh** So I see if Boston has tickets left...and they do. But its at the end of May and I'll be in rehearsal for the West Village Musical Theatre Festival that goes up June 9-12 leaving town for a weekend for me. :(

I was so sad. I really wanted to see these guys perform. Brandon Urie's voice makes me melt, they're theatrical and their music if catchy and awesome. WANT. TO. GO! Finally I found tickets available for the NYC show through StubHub. You know....those people who buy a bunch of tickets and re-sell them at almost twice the price. **sigh again** So...I did what anyone else would do.........

I bought them anyways. :)

I had some money in my savings for something fun to do so I used it. Bought two tickets knowing someone would be happy to buy one off me to go (and Lauren will no begging me for's already sold, sorry) and have already received them via email and printed them. YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!

So, on May 24th I'm going to go see this amazing band who I only learned about last night...cause I'm OBVIOUSLY late to the party, they've been around for a few years! LOL! They do have a newer sound though, in comparison to their old stuff so that might be why I'd not noticing them. Who knows.

But...who cares? I know now...that's all that matters...and I'm pumped to go! I've not been this excited for a concert since I saw MUSE at the Garden (6th row baby!)

Anyhoo...they're all I've listened to today (like the nerd I am). I'll probably re-watch the video twice on my way home and listen to the album while I do some writing tonight after the gym.

Better to be late to the party than to miss it all together, right?



Tamsin :)

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