Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My life is SERIOUSLY lacking in this area. And for a woman who is...uh...over 35...its saddening. To me that is...saddening to me. So, suddenly I've become my mother. NO joke. I have started to buy/read/enjoy Romance Novels.

Problem is, I'm not someone for your typical novel...I like the idea that a Romance Novel can blur lines...that it could be either a Fantasy Novel or a Mystery/Crime Novel as well. So THOSE are what I tend to look for. But...being new to this genre of reading, where should I go to find decent romance novels that don't make me laugh each time I read "his throbbing member"...? ;)

I found this, and thought I'd share a list I found. You can thank me later: TOP ROMANCE NOVELS.

I started with "Dream Man". It's listed as one of the top picks. I made some dinner after my workout at the gym and began the book around ten o'clock last night.

I was reading until 2am...its got a cool fantasy and mystery twist to it and I'm pulled in! We have a serial killer in Orlanda and a girl who is an Empath with a detective who is falling in love with her. I like this feeling of being swept up into it.

See, told ya I'm becoming my mother! ---of course, she also wrote these type of books so...hmmm...wonder if I will ever have a great idea for one. My friend Alexis is writing one right now that I really enjoy that has a fantasy element to it. I can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

Anyhoo...when I finish "Dream Man" by Linda Howard, I'll do a review. Promise.

But I thought that since I found the list, I'd share it with you.

Enjoy it ladies...enjoy.


Tamsin :)

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