Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TOP 10 reasons why I live in this GOD FORSAKEN COLD CITY!

As I wake up this morning the first thing I hear, after I've hit snooze on my alarm clock, is the scraping of snow shovels on cement. I feel my body cringe.

I then hear a snow blower and possibly a snow plow scraaaaping along. I sigh.

I roll over, snag my glasses and peer out the window...while still bundled in my comforter like a human burrito.

Snow? Yep...more snow! I flop back down and a fuzzy face comes over to stare at me. I look at my darling dog's happy face and all I can think of is, "I don't wanna walk you in this" sure to say that in your head with as much whine as you possibly can, btw. I rub his ears and roll over.

The alarm goes off again. I hit snooze. My phone alarm goes off and I hit snooze. We repeat that for awhile and then I get up...cursing. I walk to the window to get a full view of my neighbors trudging along with their children to the school down the block and the super's putting salt out because it's now raining and turning to a thin sheet of ice on the ground. Just great.

Just another winter day in NYC! And I think to myself, "WHY THE HELL DO I LIVE HERE?"

No...honestly...I really wonder this. It's cold most of the year here with utter shite for weather from November thru to sometimes May. That's SEVEN months of crap folks. Snow, rain, cold, etc...for seven months of the year here. And again I think...why have I not moved to LA yet? Oh yeah, cause I love NYC. But WHY do I love NYC?

SO...we shall attempt to list the TOP TEN reasons I love and stay in NYC.

#1. My friends. I have some of the best friends here. And yes, they'd be my friends still if I moved...but it wouldn't be the same; it never is.

#2. I have a kick ass job with a kick ass boss working for a kick ass hospital who treat their employees great and pay me good (note, I didn't say great concerning pay...but hey, in this current economy, good is better than nothin' baby!)

#3. I'm a liberal...this town is VERY liberal. I feel at home here in that way...I can have my opinions and they're allowed...and most of the time many of those around me feel similar to me on many issues. SO...NYC people be my people.

#4. Theatre. I know I've not done much as of late due to time and money...but it's the reason I moved here and though I got burned out on it...I like knowing it's there for me when I'm ready to dive back in. *Side note: Those who work with me doing theatre here are some of the most talented people I've met and I adore them...both on the stage and off.

#5. Music/Nightlife. As many of you know, I'm a big fan of the Goth/Indusrial Music Scene and nowhere has the nightlife for it like NYC...from dance clubs to concerts to clothing stores...NYC has it more than anywhere else.

#6. The spring/summer/fall months (when it's hot, warm or at least warm-ish) are AMAZING! With so many parks you can go relax in the sun with friends or your dog or by youself with some good music and you will feel like a new person. There's even a FREE pool near my apartment I can go relax at! *Note: This all of course is negated during the snowy months so maybe that's a reason I pout this time of year.

#7. There's ALWAYS something to do here. If you are "bored" in have a problem. With museums and movies and shopping and clubs and shows and etc etc etc...there is always something to do here. Hell, just go wander around one of the village areas! Trust'll see something cool. Plus, there's public transportation that runs 24/7 for 365 days a year to get you to these cool things.

#8. Food. You want it, we have it in NYC. From Indian to Greek to Italian to Mexican to Thai to Jewish to...I could go on and on...and MOST of these rad-ass places deliver...late. Mind you, I don't get food delivered often but its nice knowing it's there, yes? What I do like is that there's such an amazing variety of food here and you'll be hard pressed to get bad food. Most of the time the ethnic food is made by those from that country....not Italian made by...well, you know. **cough cough Olive Garden cough cough** (I can make fun of that place...I worked there for five years people!...Not that I don't get a craving for those breadsticks and fattening salad dressing from time to time but...there's better in the city, take my word for it.)

#9. A. Meeting new people from all over and B. Seeing friends from far away. A: Because its NYC people from all over the world come thru here and if you're lucky you get to meet them and hear about how different their life has been from yours. On Saturday I met a charming man from England out of the blue as he joined my writing group. I love stuff like that! B: Friends from around the country come here to visit because its a tourist attraction and hence, I get to see them more often as I can't travel as much as I'd like. For example...see end of this blog entry. :)

#10. Resources. If I want to do a play or find actors to do a photo-shoot for my book or I want a writers group with some chutzpa or I would like to join a book club...if you can think it up you can find it here! The resources are there at your just have to go for it!

SO there you have top ten reasons. Mind you, I had to push for numbers 9 and 10...but they're legit.

What are YOUR top ten reasons for living where you live. If you can't get to 6...maybe you should move. Hell, I can find ten reasons why I live here...and I STILL consider moving...but only if its somewhere warm. Of course, to have the money to be bi-coastal is the real key, right? :) Hey now, I can dream!

To be honest, January thru March and sometimes April are the worst months in NYC...when New Yorkers get grouchy because we don't get enough sunlight. THe cold bears down on us and we get moody. It's a fact. So, I think, for my sanity, I need to take a trip to California in March so I don't go stark raving mad.

On a fun note...that goes with best friend Angie is being flown in today for work so I get to see her for the week AND my one of my best roommates and gal pals Lauren, who lives in LA now, is flying in for a touristy visit for the week we'll hide in warm bars and restaurants this week and try to forget the icky white shit outside.

Stay warm and safe folks! That rain falling outside is turning to ice.

Oh the joy.


Tamsin :)

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