Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Ramblings on a Snowy Day in NYC


Oh the joy.

Oh the bliss.

Can I go home now?

I mean, really...would this weather be so bad if I could be curled up in bed with my dog and my laptop? I would think not. But trudging through this shit another day in a row? *sigh* Oh, and today...we need umbrella's to walk in this cause its coming down so fast, thick and wet. (LOL! Reading that description you'd have thought I'd just read one of Kate McMurry's books! Ha!!) People are using wide brooms and tall window squeejee's (sp?) to push the snow off the ground vs. snow shovels and salt. It's that snow that collects fast and you stumble to walk in it gracefully.

I're people in Florida and California you just are DYING to be here...I are just green with envy..........DO hear the sarcasm folks...please do...

Anyhoo...what is on my plate for this snowy...uh...WEDNESDAY! is Wednesday, right? Let me look...yes, yes it is. Well hell, it's hump day! I suppose that justify's my McMurray type sentence earlier no?----psst...Kate writes erotica...m/m erotica, for those of you who don't know. Make sense now? Oh good.

For no reason I can put my finger on, I feel I need to eat. No, not hungry. Is it the weather? You know, think like a bear and fill up to stay warm in the cold? Probably. Of course, since I'm not a bear...and I can't get as fat as I want and still look "food" of choice will be one tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter and a chocolate rice cake. Yeah, it's as unexciting as it sounds. Blah.

Maybe I'll feel better after I go swim tonight. I've not been since the Sunday before Angie and Lauren got to town waaaay last weeks so...seeing Judy and having her kick my ass in the pool will be good. I'll go home to my dog that needs to pee (in the cold and snow) every two hours and "relax". Oiy.

Good news is that last night I did a short interview with Cage23...a Goth/Industrial DJ who's been in NYC in the scene since the late 80's. Since The Cameron Chronicles happen here during that time I thought it would behoove me to do some research. Found out some great stuff. For instance, did you know that in no way did you go east 1st Ave? Ave A was where you could get drugs and it was bad news but Ave B, C and D were NO GO TERRITORY! That and you didn't go past Ludlow or Houston either! Crazy huh? Union Square Park wasn't a good idea either! Of course, with some of the crazies that still are there its not too hard to believe is it?

From what Cage23 told me about all the clubs back in the lat 80's I'll be sounds like THAT was the time to be here...if you were into the club scene. *sigh* And I was then...just getting into the scene as I entered college in 1988/89. I think if I could go back in time---with my current savvy smarts that is---I'd visit here for a few weeks and party like it's 1989... ;)

I really am looking forward to taking the cool things he told me about the clubs, where they were, who was DJ-ing there, the after hours clubs too, and putting it into the book. I plan to do another session with him too...have him describe the inside of some of the club know me, I like things to be accurate.

On that note, I best get back to the I watch the snow fall...and wish I was home with a hot cup of chocolate (yes, with whip cream on top, of course), dog at my side and watching my personal porn...aka a TV show called White Collar on USA (yeah, I got a thing for Matthew matter his sexual pref I love that man!).

Have a great day all...if you're in the NE of the USA...stay warm and dry...if you're in FL or CA....bite me. xoxo

Love, Tamsin :)

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