Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seriously??? Come on, really?


Snooki? NO really...tell me you're joking...Snooki...that orange TRASH from that horrible reality TV show has a book coming out?! Are you fucking insane? Tell me I'm imagining this...tell me I'm in an alternate reality because to honestly believe that someone like THAT gets their book published while I sit here busting my ass to write something worth while and I CAN'T get an agent to save my life....OH...MY...GODDESS!!!!!! Shoot me now. Why do I try? Seriously folks...why are the talented writers that I know even trying when shit like THIS is what agents and publishers WANT? It's completely ludicrous!!!! Have we as a society really become this we as a people not read anything of substance anymore? Obviously not if THIS is what the publishers of America think people will buy! Holy shit! No wonder I'm stuck in this holding pattern. No wonder I get emails like this:

Dear Ms. Silver,

Thank you so much for your query. Unfortunately, however, this project doesn’t sound right for me. I encourage you to continue to submit elsewhere, and I wish you every success in your writing career. Thanks again for thinking of me.

Yes yes's a nice rejection (which I'm thankful for and honestly appreciate...they didn't have to answer me at all if they'd not wanted to) and but let's look a the words I've bolded, shall we? I send my book to Fantasy Agents for adult books....HOW CAN THIS BOOK NOT BE RIGHT FOR YOU? Read it...or talk to me about it...give me a chance to show you how cool the picture is for this series/saga! Hear how I have three different series that tie in together to tell an amazing tale! -----I know I agent has that kinda talk to you that is...reality is what it is I suppose.

Ha! Not right for you. But Snooki...this whore without two brain cells to rub together...yeah, SHE gets a book. SHE is "right" for you (as in agents/publishers)?????!!!!! Come the fuck on!

**Throws hands in the air** Why do I try? Why why why why why why why?????

If America is done reading stories that make you think...stories that take you on an emotional ride with adventure and real life issues you can relate to and characters that make you feel and care....well then hell...we're doomed as a society.

You know that movie "Idiocracy"??? Well congrats're on your way!!!!

Alas...I do love what my cousin Carmen had to say..."Look on the bright side. You have a brain in your head and you're not a shameless whore... :)"

Carmen...I love you.


P.S. DISCLAIMER: All writings here are only opinion and written in a moment of irritation (possibly a PMS rage) and are in no way meant to offend you's just ranting folks...take it as just that.

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