Monday, January 24, 2011

I think Alaskans probably think we're pussies...

...if they can hear us bitching about the cold, that is. I mean, think about it...yeah, it was 9 degrees this morning but how cold is it in Alaska most of the time? So those of you freezing out there? Hold onto that warming thought. :)

Then again, I think it all comes down to clothing. I bet they have better warm clothing than we do.

Right now you're looking at me funny. It's okay. I'll explain.

My best gal pal since I was 18 was in town this weekend and she'd been saying to me, the week before she got here, that it was FREEZING in DC (where she lives). Then she came to visit NYC for a week. She was like, "Oh my God it's f*cking freezing here! How do you deal with this?" I really wasn't that cold in comparison to last week with all its snow...sunny and clear weekend with sun (until last night but let's not ruint he mood, shall we?)...and then it dawned on's the outerwear baby!

Here's the difference between me and Ang:

Me: I own a long down jacket. I usually wear jeans with a long sleeved undershirt or turtleneck with a sweater and then my zip up hoodie over it with my coat and warm boots that come up to just under my knees, a scarf, a warm hat that covers my ears (though I sorta look like a dork in it) and then I pull up my hood of my coat (Yes, I do tend to look like Ralphie from "A Christmas Story").

Angie: She was in a shorter jacket (no down filling) over a tank top with a sweater cardigan over that, jeans and slide on black shoes.

No, really...that's all. No boots. No hat. No scarf. Say wha???? And she wonders why its soooo much colder in NYC than DC. (?)

I lent her a hat while she was here for when that wind kicked up and as I watched her freeze I realized, if you're cold in NYC you need to to dress for the weather, no matter how round or uncool it makes you seem. Fashion goes out the window...for those who are more concerned with being warm...which is me. But where was I? Oh yes...the weekend was actually my eyes...

And then this morning hit.

Did you know Blistex could freeze?

I walked the was like 7 or 9 degrees. Even he looked at me like, "Can we go back in now?"

Maybe I need a better coat or maybe I just need to move to a warmer climate...

My personal chuckle this morning though...was that today was my friend Lauren's last day here before she went back to LA...and I wish I coulda seen the look on her face when she stepped outside this morning...and I wish I could hide in her suitcase before she leaves.

Stay warm folks!


Tamsin :)

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