Monday, January 31, 2011

Holy moly, what a weekend!


And that's only one small item of my weekend.


So, how was YOUR weekend? Did you sleep in? Stay warm? Eat good food and watch TV? Well thank god someone did! It sure as hell wasn't me!

*Dog wakes me up at 6:11am. He had to pee. NOW!
*I walk him and there's blood in his urine again (like I'm suprised...I mean, really, he's running from spot to spot to pee like his tail is on fire so, no suprise he's back to being sick.)
*We get back into the apt from the cold by 6:25am.
*He asks to go back out at 6:35am. So we go.
*Back by 6:45am.
*He asks to go back out at 7am. I take out a container to collect some of his urine to take to the vet. I get it on my fingers in the process. *sigh*
*Back by 7:13am. Though I "washed" my hand off in the FREEZING snow I scour them again.

You get the picture of how my morning went until the vet's office opened at 9am. I was tired, cold, in tears. I spoke to my vet and we put him on more antibiotic (new kind) while we wait for the "Ultrasound Dude" to be in on Wednesday. See, its not been long enough since he stopped the meds for the urine sample to be any good so...he needs the ultrasound.

And the price of that is???? $400!!! Ye gads! Luckily my vet trusts me and is going to let me give her post-dated checks and pay over time for the ultrasound as well as the treatment we'll need to do after we see if there's anything going on such as a tumor or stones...etc.

As my friend Hank said on Sunday, "Poor puppy." Pause. "Poor bank account."


SO that was Saturday before 9am.

Luckily the rest of the day went well. Met with my friend Alexis to talk about writing. She's got a new book idea she's started that I read on my new Kindle on the train ride to the meet up spot for the NaNo Writing Group (we don't have an official name yet stays as such). It's really a great idea! I'm hooked on it already! It's called The King's Witch. She thinks it'll end up a romance. I got more yesterday and read it on the way to work this morning....LOVING IT! :)

The writing group talked about a short story of Julia's. I'm not a short story person...and I said as much at the meeting. But we all had some great ideas for her and I was thoroughly impressed with the input from the group. Things I'd not thought of as well as the fact that they weren't as mean as Erin had made it sound like they'd be. Here's to hoping that holds true when they "tear me apart" on the 12th. Ugh.

After the writing group one of the guys from the group, a nice Englishman named Matt, joined me and we met up with Lauren's BF Garret to see her school's invited dress rehearsal of a show...the title of which I don't know if it was ever told to me. We got some Tapas food first (awesome stuff!) and then went to see the play.

I wish I could do a full review for you...but as I have no program or title or names of any of the actors (save for my two friends who were in it) I am afraid I cannot. If per say, one of those friends gets that info to me I'll do a review. Until then...this is all I have to say......

"The acting was great, the writing was okay but lacking in direction and connection, the directing was solid with promising fluidity that almost helped save the writing but the artistic direction sucked balls...ruining the possibility that this show could really go anywhere."

That's the short of it. I've asked one of the girls for info so I can explain more so stay tuned!!!! Know this though....those kids were fucking awesome! I've not seen that much solid talent in one show with kids that age in a LONG time so...KUDOS to them!

So, because there was two shows of the same show that night and I needed to be up early for a photo-shoot on Sunday I left before the second cast and went to bed.

Need to be at ABT down in Union Square by 10am.........well, hell....

*Woke up at 8:23am. Shit shit shit!
*Brushed my hair, threw on clothes, took dog to pee and got out the door by 9:10am. (Only 10 minutes late when I woke up 23 minutes late is not too bad people)
*Got on train. Walked past a homeless guy in my car of said A train who was slumped over and I muttered, "That does NOT look comfortable".
*By the time we reached 125th street we were informed we all needed to get off the train as it was no longer in service due to "a passenger needing medical attention".
*We all get off the train and FILL the platform between the downtown A and D trains. I ask someone why we need to get off the train for a sick person. He tells me. "There's a dead guy on the train." I ask, "In this car?" Pointing at my car. He confirms I am correct. I ask if he was in a yellow beige jacked slumped over and he says, "That's the one!" I laugh. I know...not the normal reaction but hey, I'd spoken to that guy...guess he wasn't so "uncomfortable" in that position after all. And, I don't think he needed any "medical attention"... it's a bit too late for that, MTA worker, but thanks for not yelling out, "DEAD DUDE ON TRAIN...GET OFF!"
*Get on the D train cause I'm even more late now.
*See when we're at 34th...think I'm next...and then got it, go right past 14th. Well fuck. Seems the D doesn't stop there like I thought. Ya learn something new every day here in NYC.
*Get off at West 4th go over to the uptown side and grab the C train to 14th and then the L to Union Square and I'm...get this...only 23 minutes late. Go figure huh?

And THAT, ladies and gents, is only the first TWO HOURS of my Sunday.

The photo-shoot went well for Coyote Love's band shoot and afterwards I went home and slept. Not that you're suprised, right? :) I got up, read for a bit, walked the dog (again) and then wrote a full chapter of Sean's book.

All in all...Sunday wasn't too bad...except for the homeless guy on the train. May he rest in peace.

May you and I have a better week, yes?



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