Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Injured Ego Needs a Break

Sorry I've not felt like writing as of late. I didn't really want to "bring on the bitching" anymore.

In short, an agent who is perfect for my book...who lists what she's looking for and its like she described my story...turned down my query.

I know...there are TONS of agents out there and the "perfect" one for me will find me and blah blah blah...but right now it doesn't feel that way. It feels like no one will give the new kid a chance due to the length of her novel. It's stupid. People read books the length of mine every day. *sigh*

So I've decided to stop submitting it. At least for now. I just can't hear "it's not for me" one more time or I might shoot my f'n computer screen. I'm sure I'll start up again eventually but for now, no no NO! You can only take so much rejection before you start to think you and your book suck. And neither me nor my book suck so...I need a breather from negativity and more submissions for a bit.

I will continue to write the prequel series to LDG...called The Cameron Chronicles. I'll admit to you and the whole world here and now that THIS book is a sell out. That's right...a sell out. It's constructed exactly for submissions. The prologue is exactly 10 pages. At 50 pages is a perfect cliff hanger. At the ends of Chapter Two and Three you're left asking "what the hell?" (in a good way). Notice anything there? If you're a writer submitting then you notice it completely. For those of you who don't let me tell you...Agents ask for usually a Synopsis and one of the following three things: A. The first 10 pages. B. The first Two or Three Chapters. C. The first 50 pages. So, as you can see, I'm writing this book to be short and snappy and DESIGNED for agents. There's nothing artistic about the construct of it and in my mind, that makes me a f'n sell out. But, if I can't get my longer work looked at...then why not cater to their needs? Come hell or high water I'll get this one seen! I plan to not go over 80,000 words total...if that.

Speaking of word far I'm 21,179 words in and I'm just starting Chapter 7. I've shipped over the first 50 pgs to a friend of mine who edits for a living to see what her thoughts are on it all are. *fingers crossed* Even though it is a bit of a "sell out" in it's is a good story so I'm nervously waiting her opinion.


I promise to get pics up of my Xmas vacation AND my trip to Florida (I went to the Harry Potter Theme Park folks!!!! Squeee!!!!) as soon as I have them all downloaded and organized!

I will leave you with this small section from the Cameron Chronicles.


She picked up my smokes and tugged one out. “Mind if I?”

I shrugged. “Why not. Enjoy'll be your last.”

She laughed lightly and lit one, leaning against the building. “My last? Nice line. Look Mr. Cameron I meant what I said last night—--there are good vampires out there and if you start killing them now that you know there's a difference, the Clandestine World will not allow you to keep practicing your…uh…craft.”

“My craft?”

“Your vocation?”

I rolled my eyes. Was I honestly having a conversation with one of these things? Why hadn’t I attacked her already? Was it her beauty? No. I’d killed plenty of pretty vampires before, male and female. Was it because I hadn’t seen her kill anyone yet? No, I’d killed vamps before without prior knowledge of their feeding habits. Then why? I concluded it was because she’d had multiple chances to attack me, including during that fight and she’d not done so.

“Fine, my vocation. Whatever. Now, what is it you want? If it’s to be your blood slave you can forget it.”

This made her laugh loudly and her flawless skin crinkle around her eyes as she looked at me, eyes full of the same humor. “Blood slave? Seriously? You think we do that? Oh dear. That’s a new one I’ve not heard. Oh my, that just made my week!”

I pounded the wide end of my staff on the ground in frustration. “Glad you think I’m funny.” I could feel my face burn though.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed. How could you know? You’ve not had the best examples to go by. But Sean, vampires don’t take those…well, not the good ones at least. Though, I have to admit there are some, possibly up north that do—I wouldn’t know for sure. But, we’ve deviated from the point.”

“There was a point?”

“Oh yes.”

“And that was?”

“I want to hire you.”

“Oh, we’re back to this again.”

“Did you think I was joking?”

“Well, yes, actually I did.”

“I’m not. Look Sean, as I told you last night, there are good vampires and there are bad ones…ones that have lost their way.”

“Call me crazy, but what way is that?”

“To protect humans Sean, what else?”

There was a pause and then I couldn’t help it, it was my turn to laugh loudly. “Now that has got to be the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! You want me to believe that vampires—--the living dead who need human blood to survive—--are here on this earth to keep them safe.”

“Yes...that's exactly what I need you to believe.”

©2011 Tamsin L. Silver

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