Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Meet Joelle Meadows from SKYE!

Let's talk about ensemble. If you look the word up, one of the definitions says, "A group of supporting entertainers, as actors, dancers, and singers, in a theatrical production." And that's what we will have with SKYE OF THE DAMNED! We have a leading lady, but we also have an ensemble of supporting actors. We already told you about the detectives, but they aren't Skye's peers. There are seven people that will fall into the catagory of the club kids that make up the ensemble that surrounds borrow a "Joss term"...they are her "Scooby Gang."

Our FIRST of that gang is the lovely Joelle Meadows, played by Lindsay Kitt Wiebe. She is Skye's roommate in the story. Joelle has witch blood in her veins but tends to not dabble as much as her siblings. She works for a goth/industrial store in NYC and is best friends with DJ Phaedra and Madison Park. She's outgoing but has a tendency to be shy. She also has a crush on a certain vampire we won't name yet.

Lindsay Kitt Wiebe

I met Lindsay in 2004, when she was in a show called "Agrippina" (and the Dance Captain for it as well) here in NYC with a theatre company known as TheatreRats. Lindsay also performs with Point of You Productions (with Cedric Jones) and Hudson Warehouse (with Rachel Grundy). She has studied in England as well as at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and The Academy for Classical Acting in Washington DC (where she was also a part of The Constellation Theatre Company).

Even though Lindsay's talent is rooted in an amazing understanding of Shakespeare, she will lower herself to come do our Urban Fantasy web series.....ooh...maybe I could get her to do her lines in iambic pentameter?  LOL! Just kidding. Maybe. ;)

But to be serious and honest, Lindsay is fantastic at both comedy and drama...the Bard...and hell, everything I've ever seen her in. She steals scenes without meaning to, makes you laugh until your sides hurt, and can bring you to tears with her honest to goodness dramatic performance the next. Skye is lucky to have a roommate like her.

Up Next on the "Who's Cast in SKYE?"........Oh........well.......Skye's father.....yep! So stay tuned!


Tamsin :)

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