Monday, March 25, 2013

Meet our Vampire Detectives from SKYE!

First, you met the FAE Detectives of SKYE OF THE DAMNED...but in order for there to be balance, there are also Vampire Detectives. For while the Vampires must allow the FAE to investigate their issues/deaths, so must the FAE allow the Vampires to investigate theirs.

Today, on the Skye of the Damned FB Fan Page we introduced you to two of the Vampire Detectives.

First is Vampire Detective, Brooke Delaney. A sassy, smart, snarky Detective who loves nothing more than making FAE Detective Carter's life, a bitter hell. Played by Rachel Grundy.

Some of you may recognize this lovely Brit as the voice of the WINDFIRE Audio Books (Coming Soon) or you may recognize her from the photoshoots for "Windfire" (which used to be called, Living Dead Girl) and "Moon Over Manhattan" for modeling for the role of Rachel Joans in those two series. Or maybe, just maybe, you recgonize her from her amazing band, Coyote Love! Where she both sings and plays a miriad of wind instruments (from flute to sax). Rachel also is very involved as a performer with Hudson Warehouse and as a writer/performer with Dyfunctional Theatre Company.

I wouldn't say the girl's busy or anything...O_o LOL!

Other than all that, Rachel holds a degree from the University of East Anglia in English Literature and Drama in England and brings both an amazing & wide array of experience to this project. There's few who know my writing better than her, and for that reason, I know she will bring a humor and a realness to Detective Delaney I couldn't really trust to anyone else. We are very honored to have her involved in this project!

NEXT...Meet Vampire Detective, Ethan Vale. If Delaney is the fire, he is the water...but get him to a boiling point and he'll hold his own! This clever, handsome, and steady Detective will be played by Cedric Jones.

Cedric has been seen in shows around New York City for many years and is currently proud to be the Literary Director of Point of You Productions, who have been producing quality, original shows, in the city for over TEN years! Cedric, like Rachel, can be found modeling for the "Moon Over Manhattan" photo shoot in the role of Brush.

Originally from South Carolina, Cedric graduated with a BA from Winthrop University (my alma mater as well) and is a published Poet. You can find his book, I Wear the Colour Green, on Amazon.

To be given the gift of working with people who have been in my life for so long makes me feel blessed. It not only will be wonderful to watch Cedric & Rachel create these characters from the inside out, but to have people I trust give you, the audience, wonderful performances that take you on a fantastic journey of who-done-its, romance, and possible Cedric in drag...but I'm not promising anything. :)

NEXT announcement will reveal Skye's roommate, the FAE Seelie Queen, Skye's father, and Prince Cillian Black himself! So stay tuned!

AAAANND...if you're not a fan of SKYE OF THE DAMNED on really should be! You can "LIKE" us at

Best, Tamsin :)

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