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Character List for "Skye of the Damned" for Auditions

HELLO to all you amazing actors/actresses out there that are signing into my blog today to see the list of character information for auditions on Wednesday.

I'll keep this brief as I can as I'm SURE you have a lot to do.


Madison Park – An aspiring actress, "Maddie" is Skye's best friend from college. A red-headed woman in her early 20's, she wears her heart on her sleeve, isn't afraid to stand up for herself, has a mouth on her that would rival a sailor at time, and is larger than life without being obnoxious. She is single but has a tendency to date the "wrong guy."

Kyle Lawson –  A musician in his mid to late 20's, Kyle is a friendly guy who has trouble with committment, stating his musical career (or the pursuit thereof) is where his focus should be. However, he's a romantic at heart and very likely the most misplaced of the bunch in the goth/industrial scene. Steady and affectionate, he is the person people count on. Possible love interest for Skye.

Nicolai Jordan – A young man in his early 20's, he is Kyle's roommate and best friends with Joelle (Skye's roommate) and Jillian (he and Kyle's other roommate). Nic is out of the closet gay with much flourish. And though everything now is "fine," he had a drug problem as teen. His family still won't accept his sexuality. They just ignore it. So he doesn't visit them, talk to them, or talk OF them very often. He currently works a few jobs as he goes to FIT. Once of which is the receptionist for a hair salon in the West Village.

Silas Winters – One of two Vampires of the group. Silas is easily the "fuck up" of the club kids group of friends. He is known to be a player, be mouthy, speak before thinking, but he's loyal to his friends and tries not to be an idiot. He wants to be a romantic, but he's heart broken over the girl who killed him and won't let that go. He is currently dating Amara Raine, works for King Xavier and Prince Cillian, is fast, a good fighter, and a bit reckless.

Amara Raine – The second Vampire of the group, Amara is known for being a bit of a bitch, very possessive of her boyfriend (Silas), needy, clingy, and jealous. BUT, she loves her friends, those she has, and would fight to the death for them. Killed by a drug dealer in the 80's, Amara has issues with trust and is violently against drugs. She works as a drug councelor in the evenings as well as models for alternative magazines and websites that cator to goth/industiral/fetish.

DJ Phaedra –  A woman in her early to mid 30's, this blonde haired, blue-eyed, gal is originally from Kansas and works in the goth/industrial world as a DJ (in Boston as well as NYC), has a black cat named Sabbath, is recently out of a long term relationship, and just moved into her own pad in Brooklyn. She works for Vampire King, Xavier Keenan and Vampire Prince, Cillian Black with parties and events, and has a side business of fortune telling tarrot cards and cupcakes. Plus, she does extra work for films in NYC.

Hayden Fletcher – A tall, well built man in his 20's, he is a bit of a drifter, moving from town to town claiming he has a severe case of "wanderlust." He's got a lot of professional fight training and tends to carry jobs that run along those lines in whatever city he lives in. In NYC he gets a job as a bouncer at the goth/industrial clubs. He meets the group, as well as getting the job, when he arrives in town just as a friend of the inner circle dies, taking that person's room in the apt to keep the others from getting evicted. Hayden is not his real name. He's not what he seems.

Shana  –  A casual friend of the group, more so because she's a bartender who works exclusively for the Vampire royalty, Shana is a steady girl who moved to NYC to act, but can't seem to really get started persuing it. She's happy enough bartending, making good money, meeting important people in the Vampire Royal community, and partying with them. In her spare time she likes to take classes at he gym and be an extra on movie sets in the city with DJ Phaedra.

Ella  – A woman of poise and power, Ella is the long reining queen of the Seelie Court of the FAE (Fallen Angel Errant), a people damned by God for showing ambivalence during Lucifer's War. One of her only children, for the FAE cannot have many, is missing and presumed dead and Ella is on a search to find out who is to blame. She also is at odds with the Queen of the FAE Unseelie Court, Danae, and though the two of them don't usually see eye to eye...they are secretly plotting together to take the city from the Vampires. Ella is beautiful, smart, sexy, ruthless, mischievous, and a bit mean.

***The following roles below are open to be cast, however, all of you will see that you are
called in for one of the 9 characters listed above to keep things simpler. Please read these below  in case one of them sounds interesting and you can list it on your audition sheet.***

Garnet (Vampire Princess of Brooklyn) – A rough and tumble young lady with a heavy Brooklyn accent and a love for Brooklyn and all that's in it. She and Tobias are neck-n-neck for who would take Prince Cillian's job if he were to die or become King.

Tobias (Vampire Prince of Queens) – Affectionately known as the "Queen of Queens," Tobias is an outlandish, loud, lovable, man who takes pride in his job and outlandish fashion. He and Garnet are neck-n-neck for who would take Prince Cillian's job if he were to die or become King.

Marcel (Vampire Prince of The Bronx) – Hispanic or African American young man who, from the outside, appears to lead a thug gang, but is educated, rich, and is so "high class" that its almost comical at times. He often is unsure which version of himself is the real him. He is very involved with trying to clean up The Bronx.

Portia (Vampire Princess of Staten Island) – A "JAP" (Jewish American Princess) in both looks, attitude, and voice. She is a socialite with nothing on her itinerary except shopping, fund raisers, showing up places to be "seen" and paid for that publicity, and to party. Very pretty but very shallow. She means well...she just doesn't always care to.

Kerian Wolfe (Knight to the Seelie Queen) – A man sworn to protect his queen. An assasin for the Seelie Court as well as the Queen's right hand man.

Alexei Gage (Knight to the Unseelie Queen) – A man sworn to protect his queen. An assasin for the Unseelie Court as well as the Queen's right hand man.

I wish you all the best of luck on Wednesday!

Best,  Tamsin :)

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