Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet our FAE Detectives from SKYE!

Seeing as our fantasy series will contain political upheaval between factions in the city, between the F.A.E. (Fallen Angel Errant) and the Vampires...and we have people who die...we need detectives to lead investigations and find themselves neck deep in the issues as well.

Today, on the Skye of the Damned FB Fan Page we introduced you to two of the FAE Detectives.

First is FAE Detective Dorian Steele. Played by Joshua Price.
I have known Josh for many years...and had the honor of both directing him and producing shows he has been in. Josh is originally from Charlotte, NC, and holds a MFA from University of Florida.

You can follow him on Twitter at:  @ActorJoshPrice or find him on FB! I'm sure he will have tons of great "on set" pics to share once we start filming.

We are very lucky and thrilled to have someone with Josh's credentials, work ethic, and talent on board. I'm so excited to see what he does with the role of Dorian Steele!

NEXT...Meet FAE Detective Grant Carter, played by Chris LaCour. Every good/pretty-cop dective needs a bad-cop/bad-boy detective as a partner, right? Well, Carter is right on the money!
Chris LaCour

New to working with Black Paw Productions (yeah, that's my Productions "handle") we are really happy to have this native New Yorker on board and to be honest, I think I'm in love with his character all ready (as I've written 4 episodes so far)...probably as much as I adore Chris. He is fun loving, talented, got amazing screen presence, and will make you laugh your ass off. You can find Chris on FB and I'm still working on getting him to join Twitter! ;)

NEXT announcement we'll reveal the Vampire Detectives...cause trust me...these two men have adversaries...and the Vamp Law tend to not always play well with the FAE Law!

Until then...If you're not a fan of the SKYE OF THE DAMNED Facebook page...YOU SHOULD BE! You can "LIKE" us at

 Best,   Tamsin :)

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