Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meet Cillian Black, the Vampire Prince of Manhattan in SKYE!

As previously mentioned, the political upheaval within the Vampire and FAE groups is an underlying storyline in SKYE OF THE DAMNED. Because of that, we are casting a full set of royaly in both the Vampire and the FAE camps. On the Vampire side, you have a prince or princess for each burrough and a King who they all answer to. Today I'm here to reveal who will be the Prince of Manhattan, Cillian Black.

Prince Cillian Black will be played by none other than the owner of VampireFreaks himself, Jet Berelson

That's right! Jet has agreed to play Prince Cillian and I KNOW that all the members of are going to be anxious to see what we have this guy do. Jet holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Rochestser and is a phenominal business man and DJ in the Goth/Industrial/EBM scene. Normally behind the scenes as the programmer of the VF site...or in the DJ Booth, causing dance floors to fill no matter where he DJ's in the country, I'm sure Jet will bring the same energy to acting in front of the camera.

Since Jet is a friend of mine as well as running VF and being the producer on this web series adventure...I knew the minute I started to write this that he had to be in it. HAD TO BE. The question was...where? Prince Cillian (and yes, I chose the first name because I adore the actor, Cillian Murphy) seemed to be the logical choice because, #1, he's a Vampire, and #2, because the character runs the clubs and parties for the scene in the story (as Jet does in real life here in NYC) and #3...well...oh...why don't we let you wait to find those out on your own.
I can promise you that Prince Cillian will first show up in Episode Two of the series along with King Xavier. That are probably wondering why Jet is not playing the King! There's a good reason...but you'll have to wait and see...I CAN say this much...we are hoping to have a celebrity from the goth/industrial/EBM music world in that role. SO stay tuned to find out who that will be AND....

Up NEXT on "Casting News" for SKYE...find out who will be playing Nicolai Winters! So come back and see us tomorrow! xoxo - Tamsin :)


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