Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Meet Jackson Reece from SKYE!

Skye may have moved around a lot as a kid due to her mother's fears...but when her mother died when Skye was only 12 years old, her step-father, Jackson Reece, takes care of her...raising Skye as his own with the help of his two brothers.

We are excited to announce that Jackson Reece will be played by Vince Phillip.

I moved to NYC in Septemer of 2012. I was lucky enough to get hired as a Stage Manager for a show right off the bat. It was called, The Wake fo Jamey Foster, written by Beth Henley and directed by Chris Presley. I mention Chris because he was an amazing director AND it is because of him that I met Vince. He said to me, "I've got this friend from Texas...he'd be great at Wane Foster. I'm bringing him in."

Well, that person was none other than Vince Phillip. The first day I met him, I was asking the cast members for phone numbers. I asked him for his cell number and he said, "I'm not that convenient." LOL! (he's "that convenient" now, though). That dry humor was the tip of the iceburg on this talented man. He ended up becoming one of my best friends and I attribute the fact that I made it through the adjustment to living in NYC to him, as well as Anna & Paul VanEtten (who were producers on Jamey Foster). You may recognize him from the photoshoots (both in the video and stills) from Moon Over Manhattan and Windfire / Living Dead Girl as he is also a phenominal photographer.

Originally from Texas, Vince was raised partially on an US Army base over seas (in Germany, primarily) and then came back to the states to attend college at The University of Texas at Austin where he almost became a professional ballet performer. Instead, he opted to become an actor (lucky us!) and eventually left Texas for New York City (a few years before me) and his resume of work both in theatre and film in this city is extensive. He was one of the founding memebers of TheatreRats and currently is involved with both Dysfunctional Theatre Company and Hudson Warehouse (like Rachel Grundy) and works for American Ballet Theatre.

I specifically thought of Vince when I wrote the role of Jackson Reece and am very excited to have him on board this crazy train. He's professional, talented, and I believe will bring an authentic and powerful performance to Episode One (and onward) for Skye of the Damned.

UP NEXT...."Who is Finn Maloy?" stay tuned!


Tamsin :)

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