Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meet Danae, the Queen of the FAE Unseelie Court in SKYE!

We've got something special for you all when it comes to the dark queen...the Unseelie Queen of the FAE. Danae will be played by none other but the rockin' Ballerina of Burlesque, Miss Aurora Black!

Aurora Black. Photo by Trivett Photography
 That's right! Miss Aurora Black will be taking the reins on the mischevious queen.
Aurora is originally from Chicago, IL, and has been studying ballet for fourteen years...and been a professional ballerina for seven. She speaks both English and French, has studied Classical Acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and holds a BA degree from Smith College in Dance Performance and Choreography.

Miss Black can be found performing all over New York City in some of the top Burlesque venues and works with Ten-In-One Productions, Tiny Dancer NYC (Artistic Director/Choreographer), Alvin Ailey, and was the Artistic Director from 2009 to 2011 of the West Village Musical Theatre Festival. For more on her, go HERE.

I've known Aurora since 2009 and am very excited to get the opportunity to not only showcase her acting, but her dancing talents on SKYE. And yes, this picture to the right is ALSO Miss Black... "versitile" doesn't cover her quite well enough...but I suppose its the word we'll have to use for now.

If you have any interest in seeing Miss Black perform...visit the FB Fan Page for Skye of the Damned and see that we've posted about a special show she is not only in...but producing!

And as can catch her at other locations by visiting her calendar on her site.

I cannot even BEGIN to explain how excited we are to see where this bodacious bombshell takes the character of Danae!

Up next? Who is playing the Vampire Prince of Manhattan? Stay tuned and find out!


Tamsin :)

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