Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Writers Rock!

Today will not be a long post as I have a lot to do but...I wanted to make note of something awesome in my world right now and those who deserve to know it.

As you know, this was my first year with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I dragged my ass out of my bed on Sunday's and went to write-ins down in Tribeca. There I got to know some of the best ladies (and a few men). I then went to both of the post NaNo parties; The "Thank God It's Over" Party AAAND the Christmas Potluck at Alexis' place! The latter of which was this past Sunday and I shoulda taken pics but I didn't...I was too busy eating and talking to pull out a camera. But, I have pics from the TGIO Party that I'll post in this blog entry for you, so you can see some of the great folks who joined my world this year. Unfortunately I don't have pics of all of them but here's what I do have.......

Me and Alexis:

Me and Clarice:

Kate and Alexis:

Ellen and Clarice:

Alexis and Kate again...calling out raffle winners:

(As you know I won Kate's book during this raffle and did a review...scoll down if you missed it!)

I suppose all I want to say is this...

If you are a writer and you've not gotten out there to meet fellow writers in your NEED to! I know writing tends to be an "alone sport" but...these people I've gotten the chance to start to know are just wonderful and supportive folks who understand me as a writer and THAT in itself is a gift. In Theatre we automatically get a community of support with our fellow actors/producers/etc but with writing you tend to be on your own---but you don't need to be. Not that my other friends, most of which are in the theatre, aren't FANTASTICALLY supportive of my writing---they are (especially Rachel, Lauren and Josh!), but I've not had writer friends before---people who I know and connect to primarily through writing.

Having these people in my life, as silly as it may sound, makes it seem real---the fact that I write and my committment to it. Their support and friendship gives me an extra emotional boost when I feel down during the "submit your book over and over and over again" process. THEY understand! It's a great thing to have others in your life who are doing what you're doing...chasing a dream along with you. It's wonderful to be supported and to give support! I can already see how they all have this potential to become just this amazing network of writers I trust and appreciate who will make a difference in my life and I pray I can return that favor.

So, thank you to those who accepted me into their fold of writers this year. You are definitely a highlight of my 2010! I am looking forward to 2011 when we'll continue our adventure of this daunting become published writers! And we will do it! With supportive friends, how can we not?

And as always, I leave you with my fave picture of all....and yes, that is Clarice and me photo-bombing in the back...LOL!

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