Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Halloween 2010 (late post, I know)

That's right! I know Christmas is almost upon us but, I realized last night when I finally downloaded pics off my camera (which I'd not done since the photo-shoot) that I had missed blogging about my Halloween...TRAVISTY!!!!

So here we go...

HALLOWEEN 2010 - Part One; The Pumpkin Masssacre

I was greatly blessed this year. I, who normally sit at home and do nothing on Halloween, had TWO nights of things to do. I attribute this to the GREAT friends I've made in the Goth/Industrial Scene here in NYC. Explanation for previous years: Most of my friends are "couples". I've been one of few single ladies in my circle of friends (until this year as I've met many more) and couples hang out with couples...invite couples to things...have couples over for dinner...invite them to parties. It's a built in date and that tends to equal invites. Don't ask is what it is.

Anyhoo, as I'm single I tend to not get invited to "couples" evenings...makes sense, right? So normally I'm home for Halloween unless I'm throwing said party. Unfortunately my current apartment is far uptown and has NO space for a party (living room is TINY). So I stay home, eat some candy or order in a nice dinner to splurge and watch a movie or something.

THIS year was different. I did get invited to a party! :) My darling friend Sheri invited me to the 13th Annual Pumpkin Massacre Party! It was at a loft down on White Street (which is a ways downtown but easy to get to) and even though I needed a 2nd costume for the night and a pumpkin to massacre I was on board.

I was the first to arrive (of course----and to think, I left late!) and helped them set up. I got to chat with Sheri's new boyfriend who is an actor, his name is Rodney and he's really awesome! The pic to the left of this is of course Sheri and he in costume. :)

Followed by a pic of me and Sheri. Who am I dressed up as? Hint #1: There was a movie out this year, based on a comic book, and the leading girl is who I'm dressed as. Hint #2: That's a shoelace tied around my neck. ---and yes, that wig itched like hell!

So, there was tons of food, drinks and pumpkins! Here is my poor pumpkin before I killed him:

Here he is after I finished:

Seeing as I hadn't done one of these by myself in FOREVER I was pretty impressed with my final product. :) Now, for those who didn't guess who I was, I'm not super'd have to be a fan of Scott Pilgrim to know I was Ramona Flowers. In all the pics of her I found her hair is purple or pink or blue and she wears shorts with tights, combat boot, ripped stuff and a shoelace of her brother's on her neck because he passed away.

HALLOWEEN 2010 - Part Two; Vampire Freaks Halloween Party

So...THIS is the party Lauren, Robbie and Garret had been planning on. Here they are (L to R is Robbie, Lauren, Garret). Robbie is the Heath Ledger version of the Joker while Garret is the comic book version of the Joker...and of course, Lauren is Harley Quinn...the Joker's girlfriend. :)

What about me though right? I'll be honest...if I'd known they were all going as Batman characters I'd have picked one also(possibly Penguin...insert jokes here) but no...I'd already chosen to be Snow White (hello...I'm short with short dark hair and pale was an easy choice). Here I am with Lauren...

Here are a few pics of me in the most whorish version of Snow White I think I've seen to date....nickname; Ho White...

To be honest...I have NO idea where all that cleavage came from...

ANYHOOOOO...As for time at the club! Here are some of the decorations...

Here is a great pic of me and Jet (Mad Hatter) and then me and Annabel (sexy witch)...

I love this pic as it wasn't planned...both Jokers with misty fog around cool huh?

Anyhoo...we stayed at the club until Jet and Annabel both DJ'd so I got home around 2:30am (ouch) and then dragged my carcass to work the next day. I think the day after Halloween should be a paid day off from work...unless it falls on a Friday or Saturday...just an idea I'll toss out there...

So Halloween 2010 was fun! Many thanks to Sheri, Jet, Annabel, Lauren, Garret and Robbie for making it so great this year!

Tamsin xo :)

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