Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I was punched in the face by a drunk really, it's true!

So here's what happened...

Last night my pal Matt from Boston (I've mentioned him before) was in town for a concert that was canceled...he'd already bought his bus ticket and a hotel room for the night so he figured, what the hell, I'll go to NYC for the night anyways and see some friends.

So he and six of his friends (counting me) met up at SPICE (a really great Thai place in Union Square over on 13th St. and 5th Ave.) and we waited an eternity (even with reservations) but we finally got a seat and enjoyed some great conversation and food. I totally give this restaurant five stars! Great food and portions at a small price! I had a perfectly sized appetizer of spring rolls, a glass of wine and some Pad Thai for only $25 (counting tax and tip). A steal if I do say so!

Anyway, I digress---we finished up around 10-ish, hit the bathroom (I must mention the bathroom because the dance music was so loud in there it was like a club all in itself...we thought it was hilarious!), and headed outside into the FREEZING weather (I think it was like...18 degrees or something last night). This is when I noticed a stocky guy in his late 30's with short dark hair in a long black coat, a cigarette in his hand and a long red line down the side of his face standing in the corner of the wind barrier doorway for the bar next door. I remember him because I thought, "Wow! That's dedication! It's too cold out here to smoke!".

Now, two of Matt's friends had to jet so the five of us were huddled in a circle talking and saying goodnight when the guy I'd noticed came out, suddenly was trying to push his way into our group. This would've been fine except he grabbed ahold of the back part of my left arm tightly, pinching the skin and muscle there roughly. We couldn't understand him. He cigarette was still unlit but he wasn't asking for a light, his tone was mean---that's all I could tell. I tried to pull away from him and he gripped me harder. I asked him to let go of me and he didn't. I raised my voice so others would know what was going on and said, "Let go of me now!"

Next thing I knew his left hook caught me in the teeth. I automatically moved my head when I saw something in my face so the punch didn't land fully or where he probably meant to hit me (the nose is my guess). It took me a moment to realize what he'd done. It wasn't till my tooth started screaming in pain that I realized "that f*cker punched me!"

Well...since he'd come up between Matt and I, Matt was the first to see this and he saved me from decking the guy myself by restraining him from hitting me again. The man fought back (cause drunk men are stupid) and by the time I turned around Matt was fightin this guy off. I ran inside the restaurant and told them to call 911 (Like I what? Don't have a cell phone of my own? Obviously not...thinking...clearly.)---that a drunk guy was hitting people. Maybe I said "hit someone"? No idea. the time I got outside the man was down, Matt had him pinned to the ground, the bouncer from the club next door FINALLY came out and Matt is telling the guy to apologize to me. Well, NOW my anger kicks tooth is throbbing...its freezing cold...I'm appropriately pissed off now. He apologized and of course my reaction guessed it...non-accepting. I pretty much told him he could be sorry all he wanted but it didn't change the fact that he punched a woman for no reason.

The bouncer then tells us he hit another woman just earlier that evening! SAY WHAT?!!!

The guy goes to get up and it honestly takes everything I have not to kick him in the face with the heel of my combat boot. Instead I yelled at him to stay down---as did Matt and the bouncer. I'm sure I said something like, "Go ahead and get up, give me a reason!"...again...not proud but this is me being honest and truthful so as to get this whole thing outta my head, off my chest, etc. Needless to say he stayed down...I never laid a hand (or boot) on him.

In fact, he didn't get up until the calvary arrived. And I do mean the calvary. Fire Dept, Ambulance and NYPD. All for little ol' me? Uh, no. Seems when they called the cops they told them a car hit a pedestrian. LOL! So we had all of NY's finest there for one simple dumbass drunk. Oh well. finish my tale of "WTF?" I ended up in the ambulance to put an ice pack on my lip while they took my info, my statement, and so on. At least the inside of the ambulance was warm! They asked if I wanted to press charges. My initial response in my head was, "No. I'm not broken or bleeding and he's just drunk." BUT...then I remembered he'd hit another woman not an hour ago (Probably where that long red line on his face came from. SHE probably scratched him...which is more than I did but oh well.) and who knew who he was going home to and if I didn't press charges he'd be left where he was (as he wasn't beligerantly drunk...just mad drunk). So I said yes, I'd be pressing charges and they took him off to jail.

I have no idea if he had to stay the night or if they just booked him or whatever. I was told the DA would call me today.

To be honest, I feel bad that I decided to press charges. I'm not that type of person. I believe in forgivness but I just didn't want him to hurt someone else. He could've hurt them worse. Hell, he coulda hurt me worse but luckily my friend was there to save me and thankfully the man didn't have a gun or something. So...I plan to stick by my decision and press up in court...the whole nine yards. If he's hitting multiple women he needs help and unless someone wakes him up to that fact with something like say, pressing charges, he could end up hurting someone else...probably worse...and I can't live with that more than I can't live with the idea that I should've just forgiven him.

I got home and took three Motrin, put my bite splint in to steady my slightly loose front tooth and went to bed (my screaming headache making that almost impossible). I'm wearing said splint today tooth is still sore to the touch and a bit wiggly. If it doesn't solidify up by tomorrow night I'll go see the denist. Bah...the dentist. Ick.

SO that is my tale of woe...and here's what I want you to learn from it...

He could've had a gun in his pocket. Me being snitty and demanding he let go of me, even though he was hurting me, probably wasn't the smartest move. I could've asked nicer I suppose (even though the first asking was nicer and did nothing) or really pulled away hard. But I panicked. He was grabbing me and hurting me and I panicked. If this happens to you...don't. Ask nicely and pull away hard. If he'd had a gun I'd be dead right now so...lesson learned.

What's sad is this morning on the way to work I found myself slightly scared by large men who got to close to me. They all were complete gentlemen (moved out of my way, offered me the door, etc.) but I flinched when they got near (arm movement near me). I hope that goes away fast. I think men are amazing full of honor and so protective and wonderful providers. Just look at my hero Matt! It hurts my heart to think for awhile I'll be jumpy around men who move too fast near my body/face.

So ladies...please be carefull out there. Remember...not everyone cares what they do to you.

Much love, Tamsin xo

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