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The Hybrid kids from Moon Over Manhattan

L to R: Connor Trevlin (Model: Garret West), Justin Banner (Model: John Jeffords), Tyler MacManus (Model: Robert Skadal), Shannon Yoder (Model: Michelle Medoff), Gabe Cotswald (Model: Tyler Gattoni), Ken "Keebler" Willis (Model: Ben Broad), Riley Trevlin (Model: Allyson Morgan), Kade Warner (Model: Rachel Ghilardi), and Mandy Sue Blume (Model: Anna Wallace-Deering).

In the 2nd book of Living Dead Girl Saga, called Shattered, we meet nine hybrid kids in their teens. By the time we reach Moon Over Manhattan they're young adults in their 20's. When we did the Moon Over Manhattan Photo-shoot I wasn't finished writing the book so I didn't know how big of a role they'd end up playing. But, seeing as they do end up in all the books I added them to the LDG shoot we did the summer of 2011 and I have back-dated the posting to show them here by the other MOM pics.

Note: We also did pics of them younger, for the LDG books. So you'll see pics of them in the LDG section up in October of 2011 as well as here, where they're depicted as being in their early 20's.

Gabe Cotswald (Model: Tyler Gattoni)
Gabe is a hybrid of Vampire and Water Witch. His talent revolves around storms, specifically rain/thunder/lightning...lightning being the key here. Electrical power. Personality wise Gabe would be a cross between Vinny Barbarino (from the TV show Welcome Back Cotter) and James Dean. Raised from the age of 9 by Phoenix Keziah, in MOM he is working for The Order at their NYC office as an intern...which he hates. Though not one of the original eight of the Knights of Cydonia, he's easily the leader and is the first to have ideas for battle. He has a crush on Denika.

Tyler MacManus (Model: Robert Skadal)
When we meet Tyler in LDG he's young, has a stutter, and he is how the readers first get a taste of what hybrids can do. Tyler is a hybrid of Vampire and Fire Witch. As an adult he's gotten rid of the majority of his stutter and has complete control of his gifts. He's the only vampire who can be fully engulfed in flames and be fine. He also can throw fire balls. Yeah, he'd have made a GREAT pitcher for the Yankees. :) He and Gabe are usually at each other's throats bickering like old women. This stems from the fact that Tyler works at the NYC office for The Order also and is higher up than Gabe.

Shannon Yoder (Model: Michelle Medoff)
Shannon is a hybrid of Vampire and Water Witch, like Gabe, but her powers are different. She has control over moisture in the air. Her more impressive skill is using the moisture to create tornados (small and large). And because she's got some skill with a storms she's a fantastic pilot. In MOM she's their helicopter pilot. Liam thinks that's hot. But this loverly lady is taken. Who's the BF? You'll have to read to find out.

Ken "Keebler" Willis (Model: Ben Broad) and his sister Kade Warner (Model: Rachel Ghilardi)
These two have different father's but the same mother, who is a Snow Leopard Shape Shifter. Keeb's father was a Water Witch and Kade's father was a Fire Witch. They control of the seasons/weather. Kade heats up Summer and drys out the Fall while Keeb brings the rain of Spring and the ice of Winter. The other kids call them the Bobbsey Twins or the Wonder Twins in jest. Keebler is the computer wiz kid of the group and enjoys playing the guitar and Kade is the actress of the group. She likes to sing, dance and act.

Connor & Riley Trevlin (Models: Garret West & Allyson Morgan)
These siblings are the only ones that share both their mother and their father. Mom was a Earth Witch and dad was a Werewolf. In LDG these two are very different. Connor is a skateboarding dude with long bangs and the typical "skater" attititude and dress (very laid back). He's megga protective of his sister but mainly because Riley is a tom-boy who is unsure of herself (more so than normal teenage girls) and has a crush on Tyler (who has a crush on someone else, of course). Now, though they are the same make-up, genetically speaking, their gifts with the Earth vary. When younger, Riley can reshape the earth. Need a chair? She can make it from dirt and rocks. Connor can move the earth, as in rocks and boulders. Plus, it speaks to him. He can touch the ground and it'll tell him where something is. As they get older these talents grow. Riley, who feels she's pretty useless, discovers her ability also allows her to open the earth. She could easily make another Grand Canyon if she put her mind to it. She could also create an earthquake. Connor, as he gets older, is able to hurl large rocks and boulders through the air and just by walking barefoot on the earth, can track anyone, anywhere they've gone, as long as it's not been more than a week since they stepped on that ground.

Mandy Sue Blume (Model: Anna Wallace-Deering)
Mandy is a mix of Fire Witch and shape shifter. It's the type of shape shifter that's unique though. She's a phoenix with an easy 6 foot wing span. She can fly totally consumed by fire and breathe it too, like a dragon. Personality wise, she is the leader of the group, especially when the group is younger. She's the organizer, the one who makes sure everyone knows where they need to be and when, the one who sets up the Circle meetings, etc. She's in a relationship with Justin Banner.

Justin Banner (Model: John Jeffords)
Justin is a mix of Cheetah Shape Shifter and a Water Witch. His power with water is different than Shannon's or Gabe's. He's similar to the X-man character IceMan. As he gets older, he can become moveable ice himself, becoming completely see through. *No refrigerator/freezer required* When younger, he's also the "jock" of the group. Plays most sports but of course, prefers Hockey. He loves the NY Rangers. He and Mandy have been a "thing" since they were fifteen.

For pics of them as kids...head to the October, 2011 postings!


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