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California Vacation: Part IV - 3D Party, Hangin' at Henry's Hat, the cook out & closing thoughts on LA.

The vaction blogging is coming to a close with this entry...but have no fear...the two weekends that followed my vacation were even MORE exciting than my vacation!

Coming up next time will be my blog on my three days at NYC COMIC CON!

After blog will be about the almighty photo-shoot for Moon Over Manhattan!

So, stay tuned after this for sure!

Anyhoo...on to THIS blog first, yes? Here we go.

It was my last weekend in LA and my friend Anna and I had discussed going to a club. I really wanted to check out the local Goth/Industrial/EBM scene but just like most people, the name scares people off and hence it was not what anyone wanted to do. BUT, it just so happened that there was a 3D Movie Festival going on in LA and Anna was able to get us into this exclusive party at Avalon (sp?) over on Hollywood and Vine on the guest list of the man producing it. SWEET huh?

So, we got all dressed up, which gave me a chance to wear my dress from the rehearsal dinner again (double bonus!). Here are Anna and I before we headed out:

So we get to the party...walk past this huge line of people, give our name to the man with the list...and walk in. As we go in we're handed 3D glasses (the black ones like you got in NYC when you went to see Avatar)...and even before I get my glasses on, I'm blown away! This building is amazing!

We go through a side room as we enter with a small dance floor, two DJ's, and well, it reminds me of home and my clubs with the size...but remember, this is just ONE ROOM of the club so we walk into the place's lobby/foyer. It has some 3D art up on the walls and then there is this cool projection on the floor to the right at the base of the stairs. There were 4 scenes and it would alternate. Each picture would change if you stepped on it. For example(s)...

This one; the gems would move around if you stepped on the picture.

This one; the reflection of the moon would shimmer in the water.

This one; the pink flowers would float about the black and white city scape.

This one; the leaves would move around the forrest.

So, after we played with the floor art we went up the stairs...these wide red carpeted stairs that reminded me of the stairs from Phantom of the Opera EXCEPT at the top they split and you could go right or left. They both led to the same floor. If you turned one direction there was a room with couches and smoking and a bar. We got drinks and went back the way we came, going in the other direction. Here we found this balcony with seats to watch the screens hanging over and around the primary dance floor. You can see some pics of the main floor to the left here as I talk about the bar. (Also can see it was put on by REAL 3D...see the logo!)

After we saw this we definitely wanted to head down to the primary floor. Down the Phantom of the Opera stairs we went, curved around to our left and entered the main floor. We got lucky enough to get a spot near the back center just as the DJ started to play some really cool graphics to go with his music. All this Halloween type stuff....

So there we stood, dancing as best we could (it was packed) and watching pumpkins and skeletons float above the crowd. It was totally wicked!!! :) We were just getting into the groove of the place (which, I'll admit, was hard for me music wise as it wasn't great music but it was passable)when it went down hill. :(

Some jackass DJ from Chicago took over and his music was HANUS! No words. The same beat over and over...if you could call it a beat! The "beat" was never steady and the video he switched to was just of some hot Asian girl dressed in club attire dancing. NOTHING 3D about it at all.

Needless to say we decided that was our sign to take a few pics and get the hell out. We stopped briefly to dance in the small side room for a few songs and then...we headed out into the evening...where we walked up and down Hollywood and Vine looking at the star plaques on the sidewalk...I put an icon of film, Bette Davis, at the top of this entry...and here, I will put the lady who I wanted to be as a child...mainly because she was the star of my favorite movie growing up. Gee, I bet you can't guess what it was! ;)

So, though the building was tramendous...and the 3D started out cool...and the music was all didn't last long. The music went down hill FAST and overall the night was soooorta a bust. BUT, the 3D stuff that was good was super cool AND I did get to hang with Anna, which is always matter where we are was still a good night.

Anyways...we headed home to curl up on the couch with some munchies and Anna finally agreed...after two years in a row of bad bar choices...that I get to pick the club next time I'm there! YES! Have no fear Anna...I'll find a good Goth/Industrial/EBM club that plays 80's too if I can! :)

The next day was Anna and Zach's 1 year wedding anniversary so I had to make myself scarce! They dropped me and my luggage off at Lauren's work (Henry's Hat) and I took a seat to watch football and wait for my NYC pal, James Huffman, to bring his lovely fiance out for football and a drink to say hi. I've not seen Jim in a few years so I was super excited to see him. Here he and Kristen, his fiance, are:

Isn't she lovely? She works in pharmaceuticals so we had stuff to chat about (which shocked her cause usually people just not when she says what she does...LOL! I know how she feels! ) Then we had her take a pic of me and James...and we got the usual Jim pic where he did something crazy...which we made him's the "good" pic...LOL!:

Anyhoo, they left and I hung out with Lauren until Josh and Sarah came to pick me up to stop by a cook-out a friend of there's was throwing to go along with some more football! Their house was beautiful! A center fireplace open on all sides so the living room and the dining room can enjoy it! Krista's room was to die for...a large bedroom where both the walls to the outside were large windows wrapping the room and then, a bathroom/changing room with more storage than my whole apartment! I was green with envy for sure!

But what was really great was meeting more of Josh and Sarah's friends. Terrance and Krista especially! They are best friends and I clicked with them both quite quickly. Krista writes Poetry so I plan to hit her up with some help on the books, to be honest. I suck at poetry so hence, the spells and such...NOT my forte!

Here's a pick, L to R, of Erick, me, Terrance, Alicia and Krista.

As I was leaving Alicia, Terrance and Krista were saying "move to LA!". Which brings me to my last note of my trip.......

I don't hate LA like I used to.

I know, no one is more shocked than me.

I honestly think the difference is like I mentioned in the previous blog (Part III). To enjoy LA, you need to know people in LA and you need to go do things people who live in LA do. Its not like NYC where the fun of being there stems from "city life" and all the things that entails. It comes from having a love of GREAT weather (which they have an abundance of), great scenery (again, on the plenty!), and hanging out doing normal things with people you enjoy. Which, I got the complete honor and priveledge to do.

To be honest...I've talked of eventually moving to San Diego (some day, not soon, but some day--no one freak out)...which is still a possiblity as I honestly HATE the traffic in LA. But...if I end up in LA someday...somewhere near all these amazing people I knew before and now know after...I don't think I'd be too bent outta shape.

I leave you with two fun pics I failed to put into Part III's entry...of when Lauren and I went into the Halloween store and tried on hats (her pizza hat is cute, no? The question is, what costume does THAT go to?) . I miss this girl terribly and hate that she lives all the way on the other side of the USA, but, I suppose I'll just have to get out to LA more than once a year from now on...cause I love my Anna, Lauren, and Josh too much to stay away.

Oh, and the weather isn't half bad. ;)

Much love,

Tamsin :) xo

Tell me, do you think my hat's a bit too big on me? I think its rather fetching! ;)

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