Thursday, October 21, 2010

California Vacation: Part III - A hike, some sun, a rainbow and Harry Potter!

Aaaaand....I'm back.

So...more on the vacation shall we?

After the zoo and seeing Josh I crashed at Lauren's pad for the night. The next day we went on this amazing hike around Lake Hollywood! It's created by a dam. Here are a few pics!

As you can see, all around the lake are woods. As we hiked around the lake we got lucky enough to see a pair of deer...which sadly I didn't get a picture of. It's this quiet, beautiful, nature filled place surrounded by the middle of LA. Just amazing!

After this day/evening I moved into Anna and Zach's guest room in Burbank, CA (a subdivision of LA) and we girls went out for dinner down at Burbank outdoor mall. On Wednesday Lauren picked me up and we headed to the beach! We packed a lunch and ate on the beach between Santa Monica and Venice. Just a beautiful day!

(psst...that's Lauren laying in her little black bikini on the beach!)

We laid out in the sun for a few hours, perused Venice Beach (bought a new ring), and then headed home. On the way home, just as we were nearing Burbank it started to rain just a bit (which is unusual for LA, btw) and low and behold we saw a rainbow form right in front of us! See:

Thursday EVERY-ONE had to work during the day so I slept in (not that my skin should've been seeing sun, to be honest), did some writing and downloaded pictures. Once everyone was home I'd orchestrated dinner with all my "NY to LA" friends. Josh picked Anna and I up and then Lauren...and we headed to The Cat & The Fiddle where we took these lovely pics of us all:





Josh was such a sweetie to drive us around that night. Unlike NYC, there is NO drinking of even ONE beer or glass of wine if you're going to drive in LA. The legal limit is .08 there and one beer can sometimes do that to you...and there are check-points everywhere!

Friday held a special surprise. Lauren and I decided to go shopping. We went to the Burbank Mall (and I bought a kick ass pair of combat boots!) and then went to Universal Studio City and low and pal David (who unbeknownst to me had moved to LA from NYC the month previous) got in touch and was in the area. He met us for lunch. Here is is with Lauren and then with me:

That night Lauren had to work so Anna and I headed over to Josh and Sarah's for....HARRY POTTER NIGHT! Yep. Since the new HP movie is coming out in November Josh and Sarah (and friends of theirs) are doing one movie a week (watching movie #1-#6) until the new one comes out. This was the premier party...for movie #1. What was really cool was that his friend Debbie had just gotten back from going to the brand new Harry Potter Theme Park! (SO JEALOUS!) where she'd gotten this!!!!

While we were all still talking, waiting to start the movie, a friend of Sarah's (Josh's fiance) arrived and I was like, "I just saw your show for the first time". If you've never seen Pit Boss on Animal Planet you'd not recognize him...and I'd never seen the show until I was on the plane to be honest. But Sebastian was a cool dude.

After the movie we all wanted a pic with our "wands a-ready!"...but we only had one wand so...we...improvised...LOL! See for yourself (and yes I'm holding a curling iron...and no, I have NO idea WHAT Josh is holding!LOL!):

It was fun to do things that those who live in LA do...vs. touristy stuff! FYI. So if you're gonna go to LA...have someone you know show you around to the things THEY love about LA. It makes all the difference!

Anyhoo...I bring this entry to a close with a pic of Anna and I (and my new boots!) as we headed to Josh's HP shin-dig. More later...

Tamsin :) xo

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