Tuesday, October 5, 2010

California Vacation: Part I - The Wedding


I've been MIA, I know. But I have a good reason!!! I was on VACATION! :) Yep, I went away for ten days to sunny California and other than being a wee bit jet-lagged...I'm feeling quite amazing (minus the part where I look out my window here at work and see gray skies, buildings, and gloom and wanna run back to the beach)!

To document my entire vacation I'll need mutiple blog this is Part I. I will break down my trip into a few parts to keep the blogs at a decent length AND so as to give you tons of photos!. Part I will be about the primary reason I traveled from one coast to the other; one of my best friend's wedding!

Michael was getting married to his long time girlfriend Sarah and as her family is from San Diego, CA that's where we all headed for one of the most beautiful and fun weddings I've ever been at!

First hour I was there I ran down to the beach. THIS is what I saw...

I must've walked the beach for a hour before I dragged my tired self back up to my room to rest...seeing as I didn't sleep the night before I left (I always worry I'll not hear the alarm and miss my early morning flight) and had slept little on the plane. After a needed nap I got dressed up and headed on down to meet up with everyone in the lobby to head to the rehearsal dinner. :) It was at a little mexican restaurant (whose name escapes me). We basically had comendeered the fenced in back area (lit by many white Christmas lights and other soft lighting) for pitchers of margaritas and good mexican food...oh, and a funny video show by Sarah's dad with pictures and video of Michael and Sarah's relationship as well as their childhood. Very adorable!

After which, Michael and his closest pals, went out to find a place to have drinks in LaJolla, CA (a small but beautiful beach town that is part of San Diego). We wandered here and there...even wandered into a very large hookha joint...very interesting, to say the least.

We settled on the bar of one of the nicer hotels and sat outside where we talked and laughed...and witnessed a domestic dispute in the middle of the road! No kidding! In little LaJolla! I've not even seen that in NYC! LOL! Some girl was fighting with her boyfriend (physically fighting) and she finally got away by jumping in a cab. He dove into the back seat after her and the next thing we know he's catapulted out of the cab (nice foot work there lady!), face planting himself into the pavement (ouch!)as the cab peels off as the light turns green. Crazy!

We all finally called it a night and got rest for the BIG DAY! They got married on part of the UCSD campus...This here is where they got married:

Here they are saying their vows:

A pic of the bridesmaids and groomsmen:

Ah...the first dance as husband and wife:

The reception was fantastic! A DJ who honestly had a clue to what fun music is and I had a GREAT group of people to dance with! Honestly the highlight of the weekend (besides my best friend's happiness) for me was three people; Lynda, Marc and James. I've known James for a few years but this was my first chance to really hang out with him w/o hanging lights for a show (and let me say, that boy can dance!), which was great! Marc was Michael's Best Man and Lynda is his wife...just absolutely LOVED them both! So happy to have met them and gotten to know them. We had the most fun shopping, hanging at the pool, and partying together! Marc is hilarious...and a lot like Mike, if I do say so myself. ;)

Here's a silly pic of Lynda...drinking one of the mojito's we drank all night long (this was her first):

Here's a pic of me and Lynda at the wedding:

Marc giving the toast:

Silhouette shot of the bride and groom at the sweetheart table:

Here's a pic of (L to R) Marc, Lynda, me, James and Ryan:

I wish I had a scanner that scanned photos as JPEG's and not PDF's so I could show you the really funny stuff; PHOTO-BOOTH PHOTOS!!! That's right, they had a photo-booth there with props and it was really fun (and even more fun the more the night and mojito's progressed).

The night ended and we all hopped a bus back to the hotel. I did a little writing on my balcony and went to bed. Woke up at 4:30am for no reason...was still awake at 5:45am so I bopped on down to say goodbye to Lynda and James as they were headed off to their flight...then went back up to my room at got more sleep (thank goodness).

The next morning I had breakfast with Marc and then Lauren showed up and we went to the San Diego Zoo! (which will be trip blog Part II).

For now, I leave you with my favorite pic of the whole wedding...the sunset that happened just as the reception was beginning...

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