Friday, September 17, 2010

Casting a Photo-Shoot is a bit of a challenge!

As I've mentioned, I'm casting the characters from Moon Over Manhattan for a "fun" photo-shoot to be done in October in Central Park...and I have one thing to say for this...THIS IS A BIG UNDERTAKING!

For some reason in my head I was thinking, "Oh we'll get people who look like my characters and dress them up and do pics....this'll be much easier/less work than a show!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

Getting this cast has been a wee bit stressful. Gee, I can't see why? I only needed to find 8 people who look like folks I "made up"...why would that be hard? (I hope you can hear my sarcasm!)

But...I have found them! I've had to re-cast the role of "Lexie" THREE times mind you but, as I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason I trust that the newest addition to the physical cast is the "right gal" and though the other two were really great gals...Angela is the "right one". Ya know what I mean? I called her out of the blue...we chatted...she's absoluely lovely...she's free to meet on Wednesday with the cast AND free the days of the shoot...she's got the EXACT hair I describe in the book...we just need some colored contacts for her. Not bad people!

As far as my other cast members...I have two I do need wigs for. The girl playing Denika has straight hair...which is great for the "dressy" pics at the castle but I want her hair culy and haphazzard at the rocks so, we found an amazing wig for her. The second is the role of Zane. He's supposed to have long dyed black hair, preferably shaved bald or down to an inch on one side. Yeah...THAT isn't gonna happen...the shaved part that is. So, I got this amazing looking long black wig for Robbie to wear. To say this boy isn't going to look at all the same after we're done with him is an understatment! It'll be cool! I promise to do a "before/after" pic for you on him!

I also took two of my actors to Vampire Freaks last night for costume stuff. Super excited that we got both Zane and Denika DONE costume wise so...*whew*. I can cross that off the list along with their wigs!

I've put an ad out for a make-up artist and now I have to pick one. I got TONS of folks who submitted for the gig! Who knew? I thought I'd get a handful and I got tripple that. This weekend I'll email my fave and do a phone interview and go from there.

I also had to make a portfolio binder with all my actors so I can get all costumes and props per person in order and make-up artists can have pictures and the like. THAT thing took awhile...but it looks great!

All this in the past couple of days NOT to mention I still have to make packets for all of my actors for next Wednesday, run the meeting, figure out clothes, make-up, and we've not even talked about how many pics and what not!

I was thinking this was less work than a show? Really? LMAO!

Don't get me wrong...this is fun to me...organizing all this...being creative in this manner. It's like taking what I do well in my theatre life and blending it with my writer life. It's fun but wow...more time consuming and detailed than I'd thought it would be!

I said at one point, "This will be something other writers, who aren't famous that is, don't have on their website!" Uh, there's a reason for's gonna run me a few hundred to do AND you need a theatre or producing background to pull this puppy off!

I look forward to getting to show you all the final product!!!!

Have a great weekend all! I'll be laying in bed watching TV or writing or working on actor packets for the next 24-36 hours and then...lucky me...I get to see my editor for coffee/tea. I miss the hell outta that gal!


Tamsin :)

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