Monday, September 13, 2010

Subway Meetings

The New York subway system has been a friend and a it has to most New Yorkers...but this weekend it was a friend.

I don't think of myself as being super confident. I get nervous just like everyone else when it comes to talking to people I don't know...but I think that doing theater has made that nervousness more of a step vs. a staircase. It's like when I used to perform. I would be backstage, getting ready to go on, and my heart would be going a bit faster with adrenaline and I'd be slightly nervous. But the minute I made the commitment to going onto that stage, with my first step, it was gone. It was as if the commitment to do it just took the nervous energy and transformed it. As a performer I think that's exactly what you need to do; turn nervous energy into performance energy.

That said, as I've been searching for models for this photo-shoot I've had to approach strangers rather a lot. It's awkward to tell them I'm a writer who isn't published yet but that I want to do this photo-shoot for my website...its a lot to explain to someone who doesn't know me from eve. has proven interesting to say the least. I've met some amazing people AND finally found my Denika.

Story #1
I'm on the train when a really good looking goth man gets on the train with his girlfriend (she is dressed normally yet he has black hair that's shaved bald on one side and he's got the eyeliner and black finger nails and clothes). So I approach them. I think he's on his way to the festival I'm going to...but no. They are on their way to dinner at a friend's house.

Anyhoo...he introduces himself to me as Tony and then introduces me to his wife. I tell him about my project and he's interested and asks for my info to contact me. We have a lovely short conversation on why I use a pen name (if I've not told you before, though I think I have, its because my father is big in the Catholic Church as a teacher and I'd hate for my books---as they are about Wicca and other fantasy things---to have an adverse effect on him with my last name plastered on them) and he then tells me the reason for why half of his head is shaved.....wait for's a good one...

He's in the Broadway show "American Idiot".

I've not seen the show and as I've mentioned before...I suck with knowing who famous people are. So of course I say, "That's fantastic! I work in some Off Off Broadway theater (which I'm sure he thought was a lie at the time since I didn't know who he was). To make my long story shorter I ended up leaving them to their night and went to sit back down. As they got off at Columbus Circle he again said it was nice to meet me, would email me, encouraged me to come see the show, etc.

"What a lovely young man", I thought.

I get topside and meet my pal Matt for dinner and tell him my luck in maybe finding someone to portray Zane. I then pull out my phone to Google the cast of "American Idiot" because suddenly I have this god awful feeling that I'm an ass and he's the lead or something.

Oh yeah. I AM the American Idiot here. It was Tony Vincent. He's been the front man for Queen, performed for the Queen of England, been in "Jesus Christ Superstar" & "Rent" and now is the LEAD in "American Idiot". Of course I Facebooked my ignorance because it's only funny if my friends can laugh with me/at me.

He contacted me the next day...but unfortunately with his performance schedule and my lack of funds, he can't help me out this time around...but said to keep him in mind if I get a bigger budget. Such a nice man! I look forward to seeing his roommate and I are going to go when I get back from LA.

Story #2
This weekend I was on my way to the doctor's office for my bi-weekly chiropractic adjustment and suddenly I see this good looking young man sitting near me who seems out of breath and shaken up. He keeps looking at his elbows and I'm thinking, "What is he doing?" I then see both are bleeding...he's skinned them both somehow.

I immediately reach into my purse to grab two bandaids. I lean over and get his attention and give them to him. Turns out the poor guy triped on the last stair or two and fell--skidding along the cement. OUCH!

I said, "Well, at least you made the train!" We laughed and I said, "If you're an actor you can use this for something someday."

Turns out, he's a student guessed! LOL! I think to myself that if I could find a good wig for him he'd make a great Liam. So we get to talking...I tell him how I can't find someone for Liam or Denika's characters and get this...


LOL! This is how my life goes...I swear! So I give him my info...and they both email me the next day and she's perfect! I have found Denika! It's like this tiny miracle that tells me God is behind me on this and not to worry.

I also found my guy to play Cash by accosting some poor waiter at Natalie's wedding...but as that wasn't on the subway I have left the full story alone. Just know that I had to do the same thing...approach a good looking young man out of the blue and say just the right words to get him interested in my project in like, two minutes.

I think I've got my full cast now. I'm rather excited! I plan to get them together possibly this weekend...we shall see.

As much as we get irritated at the subway...ya gotta admit...if you use it to your advantage (read, memorize lines, meet people, etc), it has it benefits!

Hope you had a great weekend! I had 2 days of "me time" as well as "dog time in the park". It was loverly!

Until next time...


Tamsin :)

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