Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to September!

It's September 1st people...and I feel the need to tell you what has been going on!

As you know, I'm on a hunt to find actors/models/people to portray the main roles in my newest book for a photo-shoot to be done in October. So far I've found someone for the following characters: Cash, Marlen, Lexie, Phin and Inari. I still have yet to find someone for Denika, Liam and a solid Zane...though I have a few options that aren't bad.

So, look at my list again from August 25th's post and let me know if you know anyone...or just let them them and they can let me know that they know. :)

Other good news is that my photographer and I scouted locations on Sunday and to say I got excited about the shoot would be an understatement. What that man can do with a camera is just bloody amazing! And the locations we found....beautiful!

Good news continues...spoke to my friend Mark Rosenthal, who is an accomplished swordsman, and he has swords we can use for the photos. Two smaller ones for Denika and a broadsword or two for Cash.

And the news just keeps on a comin'! Jet, the owner of the Vampire Freaks store, has agreed to loan us some clothing pieces for the shoot (we have to keep the garments clean that might be rough but I'm going to go out of my way to make that work cause loaned clothing is better than buying clothing for a shoot, ya know?)!

Mark's sister Celine, a good friend of mine, has agreed to keep the make-up on our folks in check from take to take as well so as soon as I have my last few people chosen we are SET!


I'm currently reading the 1st book in the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, got it yesterday (the day it came out cause I am THAT nerd!) and when I'm done with it, I will do a review for you all! With how I read...and how I have tonight free to do so...the chances are high you will have your review soon. The only thing that could possibly delay it would be.......


That's right...the biggest Goth/Industrial Festival in the US is happening THIS weekend in New York City! Well, technically in Brooklyn but what-the-fuck-ever. It's the biggest gathering of goth peeps so far this year...they're coming from England, Australia...and that's just those coming to WATCH...not all the bands that will be there!!! WOOT!

***** You can check it all out at *****

What is also excellent about this is that there is a FREE kickoff party for everyone going to Triton this Thursday night called The Return of Cybertron where Jet will be DJing and you can get your Triton bracelet early! That means no waiting in line on Friday night! YAY!!

So, that's FOUR nights of great music! New People! buddies Annabel, Jet, Mark, Sheri and others will be there! To top it off, my pal Matt is coming in from Boston!

Hence, if my review is a touch late you'll know why...if it's on time, you'll know it was so good, I FOUND the time to finish it out of severe need to read cause I couldn't put the book down!

Hope you too have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend. Know that my actual Labor Day will be spent sleeping and watching TV. :) Now THAT is some hard labor! ;)


Tamsin :)

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