Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Triton Festival

Labor Day weekend 2010 shall go down in the books as the weekend the goth/industrial scene from NYC & all over the world invaded Coney Island, Brooklyn! 25 bands from around the world converged to put on a 3 day extravaganza of live music performances and it was bloody brilliant! Personally, I don't think the Russian neighborhood knows what hit them! Hundreds of people in goth/industrial gear walking around the was a sight!

It was a weekend of going to bed as the sun rose and getting up around 3pm and heading out to Brooklyn for more music. I got to hear bands I knew of and those I had never heard before...which was what was so great about this festival! I now have a few new favorite groups and my poor iPod just got loaded up with more than 150 new songs! My draught for new music is gone and now as I look at my iPod I still can't figure out who I want to listen to but in a good way...I have so much new great stuff to pick from!

My hat goes off to Jet Berelson who is the "man with the plan" who put this on with his company Vampire Freaks and Audiolust. They organized something HUGE that hadn't been done before in NYC and it was mostly seamless and everyone seemed to have a great time! It takes talent to produce something like this so...Jet...congrats on all your hard work!

At the TRITON kick-off pre-party, "The Return of Cybertron", on Thursday night my DJ pal AnnabelEvil introduced me to Clint, who is the lead singer for System Syn (who are fantastic btw!) and then at the concert I got to meet Celldweller (aka Klayton):

My pal Matt, who came in from Boston, and I had a blast! When professional pictures start to post I'll select a few and put them up for you to see...but until then, here are some of mine I took with my phone. They're not great, but they're good enough for now. :)

Clint from SYSTEM SYN:





My favorite bands of the weekend were "Icon of Coil", "Celldweller", "Aesthetic Perfection", "Ayria", "System Syn", "Imperative Reaction", "Clan of Xymox" and "Apoptygma Berzerk".

Hope you all had a GREAT Labor Day weekend as well! I leave you with one last pic...below is a shot of the crowd during Apoptygma Berzerk at 2:30 in the morning on Sunday night! If you had a fun weekend...tell me what YOU did! If per chance you were at Triton...I'd LOVE to hear what you thought!

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