Tuesday, November 9, 2010

National Novel Writing Month!

For those of you who don't know what this is--let me fill ye in!

Every year many (and I do mean MANY) writers young and old participate in this event; the object of which it is to try and write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November.

You are thinking; "Seriously?"

You're next thought is then one of the following;

A. Who can write that many words in a month that make sense?
B. You can't write a full novel in 30 days!
C. If you do write a full novel in 30 days it'll be utter shite.
D. What novel these days is only 50,000 words?
E. I think I'm crazy enough to try that!
F. That sounds like fun! Where do I sign up?

I was both E and F...cause I am crazy like that! Besides, I write rather fast so I was curious if I could do it. Ah yes, us Leo's love a challenge! :)

Now, in NaNoWriMo (that's the abbreviation we all use--go to Twitter and go to the hash tag of that and you can see all kinds of stuff!) you're "suppose to" start a NEW novel as of November 1st...but...I won't lie, I didn't do that. I have been working on Moon Over Manhattan and had sworn I would finish it by the time I rang in the year 2011. To take all of November off to write something new would put a damper in my need to get this bad boy ready to pitch to agents by the new year so...I held off and began Chapter 16 of the book on the 1st of November.

I tend to write chapters with approx 5000 words per--so I was thinking, "So, in order to 'win' (there are no prizes & you're not really competing against anyone but win is a loose term for 'complete') NaNoWriMo I need to do about 10 chapters. I would love to try that! Deal."

I've been known to, on frequent occation, to write a chapter in a day so all I needed was 10 good days and BAM...I'd reach the goal.

What happened though, has suprised even me.

As of today I am writing Chapter 23. I am at 36,722 words as of when I went to bed yesterday evening. I only have 13,278 words to honestly only 2.5 more chapters to to be honest, I could be done by this weekend. Well hell. I didn't want to be done that fast--nor did I think I would be.

But, it is what it is and I'm having fun, which is part of the point, and I've met some really cool people who are writers (who write as they're job job, or their job-to-be in the near future job OR those who write as a hobby--all of which ROCK!) here in NYC by going to "Meet Up's" and "Write In's". I love hearing about what people are writing! I love to listen all the amazing ideas that are in their heads! Plus, I get the chance to talk to people who are like me...people who like to let their imagination out to play on a regular basis. :)

What I am excited about is that I'm reaching the end of the Novel...which is bittersweet...but have no fear, I've totally thought of a way to continue the series if I so choose. What's even better is that I'm getting to bring in some of my awesome witches from my original series, Living Dead Girl. Characters that were children in that story (which begins in 1997) are now young adults and I'm really enjoying that!!! In particular, Gabriel Cotswald is 9 years old in Book Two of the LDG Series and now he's just now 21 years old and full of bravado! ***I believe Rachel describes him as being a mixture between James Dean and Vinny Barbarino*** ---LOL!

Someone who has read the first 3 books I've finished in my first series (I'm half way thru writing Book 4 and I plan to get back to it when Moon Over Manhattan is completed/edited/being shopped) had asked if I was going to bring in the "old gang". But of course I am! What fun for those who read both series! Bring in their favorite characters from one book to the other. I also plan to bring some of my characters from Moon Over Manhattan into LDG 4 and onward...cameo's...but still there. It IS the same world after all.

So that's my news. I know you all wanted more pictures...I know I promised you all the "villians" but those pics are still being worked on...not much longer, I promise.

But for now, I leave you a picture of what it looks like in NYC right now...and to all you NaNoWriMo Peeps! HAPPY WRITING! See you at the write in on Sunday! :) --If I've finished the novel by then, I'll start the editing process so I'll still be working with you all!


xo Tamsin :)

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