Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

My plan for NYE 2012 was to stay home and do a Boondock Saints Marathan (I know there's only two movies but I was leaving time in there to watch the ball drop and laugh at all the crazy people in Times Square on my TV), cook a loverly dinner (for me and the dog) and maybe do some writing if the mood struck me. ---For I am in the process of editing LDG2---


On late Friday night I received a invitation via Facebook to a "invitation only" private party at the soon-to-be-no-more Vampire Freaks store. Not much else could've differed me from my "stay at home" plans except this. You don't turn down a private party.

As you can see above, the store is empty. Jet has decided that after three years, he's going back to the store being just "online." So, you'll be able to find the clothes at The money he'll save is going to be put towards more club nights, bringing in more bands, and supporting the goth/industrial social scene of NYC more. I'll miss that store a lot...but I think he's smart. Btw, in case you didn't know, is the largest goth/industrial social networking site in the world. makes sense for him to create some opportunities for people to meet up in person more.

My girl Annabel was there of course:

Here's Jet...looking high in his blue eye shadow! LOL!:

We all had a fun night! It was a small party and in the end we shimmied on down to the Pyramid Night Club to dance for a bit before heading home. Speaking of, by the time I did get home I was sober and it was 5:30am! Ha! My roommate said, "You partied like it was 1999!" I laughed. I sorta did. Which is funny considering my original plans.

Anyway, I hope you too had a lovely New Years night and that you got home safe and that the next day wasn't too painful.

I read all day so that'll tell you how "up and adam" I was. HA!

Much love and Happy New Year from me and Keziah (yes, he's wearing my beads and tiara in this pic...forgive me, I couldn't resist! I blame the late hour for my behavior.)




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  1. In the picture w Jet, you look like you're wearing angel wings. Happy New Year! Hug Keziah for me.