Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sometimes its for the best...

Today I'm at my office doing some writing. It's quiet here. I have an ergonomic keyboard and a comfy chair...but most importantly, I can stay focused easier here than at home...where my dog, the TV, my comfy bed...all pull for my attention. Oh, and the calls to me too. If I want work done, best to come here.

Today's primary goal was to fix something. You see, when I originally wrote LDG2, called Shattered, I wrote it like I did LDG1. From MANY POV. If you've read LDG1 you know that we've narrowed that down to a set of 7 people who tell this story. The idea is that Atlanta is using their journals (Tiny Spoiler: Which she gives them all for Xmas in the first book) to write these stories, after the war is ended.

Problem is, I've got scenes from Phoenix's perspective and Stephan's (so far) in this version of hte 2nd book and since they are not one of the seven, I had to rework them to put one of my seven there. This may prove to be a HUGE problem in book three, "Stained Glass,"...but I'm trying to do what I can to keep it down to the seven.

Today's work has proven to me that sometimes change is for the best. These new scenes work well and condense things. Here's to hoping I can continue to do this.

Now, back to the book! I'd like to get this in to the publisher soon so you all can get your hands on it by summer.


Tamsin :)

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