Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tattermask Announces Living Dead Girl!

That's right...the Industrial band based out of Charlotte, NC, has announced my book. (To go to the website, click on the title of this post!)

You may ask, "Why?"

Well, as some of you know, a few of my characters are based on people I know. One of them is Amanda Cane (a vampire who is an animal rights activist...yes, that's supposed to be ironic) who has an evil twin, Alicia Cane.

These two ladies are loosly based on Amanda Caines-Wright. She formed and heads up the industrial band, Tattermask. I did a Tumblr post about them last week, actually. For that, go HERE. If you like the music of Tattermask...have no fear...the band will show up in the books later on in the series. But Amanda...well...she shows up in book one.

Many thanks to Amanda and Tattermask for letting me use them in my series and supporting my work! I am hoping they're playing a gig when I'm in Charlotte the weekend of June 22-24 for Heroes Con. That's right! I'll be at Heroes Con with John G. Hartness, selling our you'll have to come find us in all the convention madness! I'll even have printed books to sign and sell! Woot!

Tamsin :)

From the website:

Love Fantasy novels? Well, you can soon read about Tattermask in one. NYC author Tamsin Silver weaves webs of witches, werewolves, and vampires, in her "Living Dead Girl Series," then tops it off with a neurotic animal activist named after our own Amanda (hmm... sounds like a dead ringer...) who sings in a band... and also has an "evil" twin. Want to learn more about it or buy the first book? Head to! The band's appearance doesn't come until later, but Amanda's character is in the first one ;)

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