Sunday, October 23, 2011

Win a FREE, signed copy of my book, "THE BETRAYAL"

So, here's the deal...

In order for my newly released book to be available for Amazon's "Print on Demand" option, I need to sell 25 more e-books! Many of my friends want to get my book, but sadly don't have an e-reader. Hence, we MUST SELL 25 MORE BOOKS ASAP so they can get a printed copy through Amazon!

In order to try and push this along I am going to offer up a free signed copy of the printed's how this will work...

TWO WAYS TO ENTER! (And you can end up entered multiple times. Read below!)

Option #1: Buy my e-book and let me know you did (either comment on this blog post or email me at You will then receive a question about the book to verify it was actually purchased (something simple like, "On page __ what is the first word?"). Answer correctly and you're entered! Yay!

Option #2: Say you already own the book...convince a friend to buy it! Have them shoot me a message that they picked it up on YOUR recommendation (either by commenting on this blog post or emailing me at They too will answer a silly question to verify purchase and then both they and YOU, the one who sent them to buy it, will get entered into the contest. Yay!

So you see...the more of your friends that purchase the book and tell me, the more times you are entered into the contest.

Where do you send them to buy the book? EASY! Send them to the TAMSIN SILVER WEBSITE. On the top left of the home page you'll see three links. They can purchase it through my publisher's website or they can go straight to Amazon Kindle or B&N Nook.

Easy. As. Pie.

The contest will last over the next week. I must receive emails from those who bought it saying they did so by 8pm next Sunday night.

So go forth and tell folks to spend the $6.99 and help me qualify my book for print!

***NOTE: If we do not reach the 25 goal, I can't get the printed copy for the prize so we MUST get those 25 copies sold!***

Thanks so much!

Tamsin :)

P.S. I'll totally pay the price of shipping for the book if you win the copy and do not live in NYC. GOOD LUCK to both you and me! LOL!

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