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Roman A. Pierce

Roman Pierce (Model: Greg Lucas) is the head Vampire for The Great Order Council, handed down to him from his sister, Elizabeth, who has died just before the first book of LDG begins. His best friend, and personal assistant, Stephan Throneburg, live in an old, two story, white farm house (complete with wrap around porch) outside of Boston and are the two gentlemen that meet Atlanta and recognize that she's a witch, not a "misfit toy" my friend likes to say.
Picture: Roman speaking with Stephan

So so many of those who have read this book (or the following two that I've finished that follow it) ask me things like, "Do you hate Roman?" or "What did he ever do to you?" or "Is he based on an ex-boyfriend you hold a grudge against?" and so on. The answer to all of those is NO. I love Roman but he, like some people, needs his views on things widened.

For example:
*Sean learns things the hard way.
*Jensine jumps to learn things.
*Gray seems to skip process of learning and just, by osmosis, understands the things put into the air (ie: feelings, problems, etc.).
*Atlanta learns too quickly and skips things she needs to go back to later.

And Roman?

Well, he has trouble re-learning things. He's of the old mind-set of how The Order is to be run...with its laws and hell, its bi-laws. He's very stuck in the old world; the way his dad saw it. So it seems he's a bit reluctant to learn sometimes.

This will eventually cause issues for he and Atlanta...pictured below when things weren't so bad...

That said, I think Roman will be the character to change the most. He has to. His world, as the story begins, centers around the death of his sister and the laws that hold his world together. One a painful item and one a rigid one. He needs to work through that pain and hate and love/forgive himself as much as he needs to find the softer edges of the law and see where things can be changed for the better.

In many ways Atlanta cannot fully make her journey without Roman AND Sean at her side. Two very different men, both with perspectives she will be able to see and eventually admire and possibly understand. I firmly believe she needs both to make it through the war that's coming so don't hate her too much when the lines of "choice" become blurred for her. And don't feel too bad for Roman...everyone needs to go their own path to find contentment...his is just a bit more harsh than others. He can handle it.

Fun Note: I originally named him Alastair Hawkins (Name was changed due to too many "A" names. For example Grayson used to also have an "A" name, it was Alex). I'd chosen the name Alastair from a kid star I had a crush on when I was younger. Can any of you guess what his full name is and what cable TV show he was on? Hints: It was on a kids station AND if those kids did something wrong they were slimed.

Winner of this question gets...uh...I'll think of something me, I will. :) Just guess and see who gets it first...maybe I'll see if I can print up one of your fave pics from the shoot or a free signed copy of a book!
Oh...and just so you know, I've actually spoken more than once to the real Alastair...back then the long distance charges were a bitch. I got in BIG trouble. LOL! The point here though is that I FOUND him before the web, so take that, internet! Ha!

Anyhoo that's my full-on with concern to Roman...coming up next will be Stephan and Valencia so stay tuned!


Tamsin :)

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