Friday, October 7, 2011

Blog Changes & What's Coming Up Next...

New pic curtosy of Alexis Daria, the graphics designer who is 1/2 of the team re-doing my website. This graphic will be the avatar for the LDG Series. It's cool, isn't it?

Anyhoo...on to my point of writing today...

You might notice that the Character Profiles have been re-posted with an October "post date"...even though I wrote them, posted them, and you read them back in July/August.

Why is this?

Well, simply put...seeing as The Betrayal is coming out in ONE WEEK from today (Wow, I still cannot fathom this), I wanted the readers to find these profiles easier and they're now at the top of the blog and in a manner of speaking, backwards? For example, though I would've written about our lead (Atlanta) first she's showing as most recent. Seeing as blogs go from more recent post to latest I have listed her as latest post so she shows up first.

Am I making sense? It's been a long day. :)

Anyhoo...that's the scoop! Stay tuned to as of 10/14/'s going to have some HUGE changes! :)

AND...stay tuned HERE! Coming up on the blog:

1) The video from the photo-shoot will be the next post I do!
2) The links on where to buy the book will be posted on 10/14/11! Woot!
3) Pics and stories from New York City Comic Con! (Con is from 10/13-10/16/11)
4) Pics and stories from the Book Release Party! (Party is 10/15/11)

So be sure to keep an eye on the almight BLOG for the next two weeks for cool stuff!

Psssst! Plus...I'll be giving away a free copy of the book so STAY TUNED!

Have a great weekend!


Tamsin :)

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