Thursday, April 14, 2011

We take a break from our regularly scheduled casting announcements to...

BRING YOU A CHALLENGE! here's it is...

You are standing in your room at home.
See it in your mind.
Got it?

I have just walked in and said to you that you have five minutes to collect anything that matters to you, that you can be mobile with w/o a car, because...uh...hell, your building is going to explode (life's hard like that).

WHAT...DO...YOU...BRING? How do you bring it?

Please please please leave comments below with your answers. Remember...5 minutes would be all you'd have and you need to be able to walk out of your apartment with it all in tow. No car to pack. No one to carry anything for you.

This basically makes you decide what the basics you must have in order to walk outta your apartment/house/life to move somewhere else. I thought of this due to a book I'm reading and answered it myself last night.

You'll know MY answer once I hear yours...I don't want to give you any hints by listing mine now.



Tamsin :)


  1. Jewelry box, both laptops and external drives in backpack, id/passport/birth cert/credit cards/checks, camera, stuff both cats in a single carrier. if I have a few seconds left for stuffing a change of clothes on top in the backpack, I would.

  2. Laptop, backpack, guitar, iPhone and wallet (although I'd probably already have those in my pockets, and maybe the Frankenstein external hard drive I keep my old data on. Having most of my creative work in digital format really helps cut down on the number of things I couldn't easily replace. Now that I think about it, it seems a little odd that I acquired almost all of those things in the past few years, but I guess my sentimental attachment to objects only runs so deep. (Also, no pets...yet)

  3. Laptop, my great-grandmother's jewellery, my saxophone & flute, passport and my gohonzon (buddhist scroll).

    Having lost all my possessions to a house fire once before in my life, I am well aware that just about every 'thing' you own is replaceable. It's a good thing to realise.

  4. Laptop, iPad, phone, couple external hard drives and wallet (all will fit in a backpack). Then my family heirloom piece of pottery and the small document safe with the insurance papers in it. Suzy has to deal with the cats.

    In case of zombie apocalypse replace "pottery and document safe" with "shotgun and ammo." And then I grab my zombie bag out of the truck and we're good.

  5. These are awesome! Thanks for commenting! Though, Hartness wins (not that we were competing). Zombie Apocalypse Contingency? Bloody Brilliant!

    Okay so...I actually tried to do this at home. LOL! Here's what I was able to do:

    Packed my carry-on rolling luggage with two pair of jeans, one pair of dress pants, two t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a sweater and a dress shirt. Tossed in all my clean socks and underwear, my birth certificate, two pair of shoes and slipped into my slide on Merrel's I usually wear to work. Fun note: I was wearing my PJ's when I did this. LOL!

    I then grabbed my laptop and put it in my laptop carrying case (which already holds my back up hard drive, camera and cords).

    I threw on my coat and scarf, slung my purse over my body (it holds my cell, iPod, money, Kindle, etc), hooked the leash to Keziah and grabbed my rolling suitcase.

    I had like...10 seconds to spare I think. Oiy.

    Dan's right...having things digitally on small devices like laptops, iPods, etc...makes it easier to pack up and run out. :)

    But now that I read John's....I might need to consider items for the Zombie Apocalypse...hmm...what would I change? Gonna have to think on that. :) xoxo