Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Roles Have Been Cast!

That's right...more roles have been cast for the photo-shoot in June!

(psst...see the last blog before this one to see who is playing Alex, Atlanta and Sean!)

Here are the newest cast members!

Elizabeth Hawkins to be played by Melissa Silver:

Phoenix & Harmon Keziah (brothers that look similar) will be played by Mitchell Conway:

Desiree (aka Desi, pronounced Deh-zee) Ma to be played by Lily Henry:

Our primary villian, Valencia, to be played by Amanda Magyar:

Then there are the member of The Knights of Cydonia (teenager band of hybrids) we have so far...

The role of Connor to be played by Garret West:

The role of Tyler to be played by Robert Skadal:

The role of Mandy will be played by Anna Wallace-Deering:

The role of Justin to be played by Christian Caldwell:

And last, but never least...Sean's sister Flora (who's book I'm writing during this year's NaNoWriMo) to be played by Tara Siegel:

The role of Riley (Connor's little sister), Shannon (Tyler's love interest) & Maria have been offered...waiting for acceptance. **drums fingers on desk and stares at email inbox**

I'm also on the fence on a few more offers I'm going back and forth on. I put another anouncement on Craigslist as I'm short a few you know anyone who'd want to apply....DM me at my Twitter account: @tamsinsilver

Hopefully by Monday I'll have the rest of the cast for you!

Have a great weekend!

Tamsin :) xoxo

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