Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sad. Sucky. V-day luck blows.

I hate Valentine's Day.

I know I've talked on this but I thought I'd update you to what ELSE went "wrong".

My awesome roommate, Joe (the one with the dog who helps me with my dog AND likes to do the dishes...ah yes, one of a kind) is moving out.

See, he has a friend who has to move to Miami (For work? For a man? To escape the Feds? Who knows, he didn't say.)and he's going to take over her lease on her place in Brooklyn...and as he's going to be working in Brooklyn this probably is best.

For him.

Not for me.


So I put an ad on Craigslist yesterday.

I lifted up a prayer this morning.

I usually find the "right" person...but let's ALL pray I find him/her again.

I'll be over in the corner moping...if you need me.

Tamsin :(

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